NaturalPath Media Helps Small 'Green' Advertisers Come Online

naturalpath mediaNaturalPath Media is targeting smaller green and healthy lifestyle advertisers with AdGuru, a new self-serve ad platform that simplifies the process of creating, running, tracking and testing rich media campaigns. The San Francisco-based media company and ad network partnered with AdReady to develop the platform, which allows small and local businesses to target consumers across the more than 80 sites in its roster.

Advertisers can upload their own creative, or choose from over 600 customizable banner templates. The ads can then be geographically targeted, or set to run across the network's content segments, including Eco-Tech, Eating Well and Sustainability. And because AdGuru is geared toward businesses with budgets under $10,000, the platform serves as an ideal onramp to online advertising, according to Jim Van Huysse, NaturalPath Media's EVP of marketing and operations.



"Every month, we'd receive inquiries from smaller sustainability and health-focused companies that wanted to reach the health-conscious consumer," Van Huysse said. "They recognized the need to market their brand, but they were new to the online space, so we partnered with AdReady to develop AdGuru and offer them a vehicle they didn't have before."

San Francisco-based Brilliant Earth, a conflict-free diamond retailer, has signed on as one of the first merchants to tap AdGuru. Other advertisers will include Solio, manufacturer of solar-powered phone and electronics chargers, and Euphoria Maternity, a sustainability-centric maternity shop in South Carolina.

NaturalPath Media's network, which includes sites like and, attracts over 12 million unique monthly visitors, a market segment the company dubs "conscious consumers."

"They recognize that there's no perfect company and no one has a zero carbon footprint," Van Huysse said. "But their values do dictate the brands that they have an affinity for. It's not just about green--though green is a component--it's about companies that are doing positive things."

With AdGuru, NaturalPath rounds out its suite of advertising services, as the company currently courts big brand advertisers like Chevy Fuel Solutions with options like distributed content, newsletters and widgets. NaturalPath's sales team also offers strategic and creative counseling.

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