eXelate Launches BT Lab With Goal Of Higher CPMs

exelate screenshotBehavioral marketing data exchange eXelate today is expected to announce the launch of its Targeting Optimization Lab. 

Up and running for about a month, the "lab" is designed to continuously filter, analyze and optimize targeting data gathered from its publisher partners, which is then made available to ad networks on the eXelate Targeting eXchange.

"This was a brand new build out for us," said Mark Zagorski, Chief Revenue Officer, eXelate Media. "As a value added service, the lab is going to help improve the exchange process for our customers."

Targeting data is accessed via eXelate's Targeting Trigger technology, which allows both ad networks and publishers to connect on the eXchange, in an attempt to drive higher ad network CPMs, and new revenue streams for publishers.

"The lab will provide a new level of targeting precision support to the ad networks that use the eXelate eXchange," Zagorski said. "The goal is to increase the lift that ad networks receive, and ensure higher CPMs."



Targeting Triggers are targeting pixels generated by eXelate, and delivered to Web site visitors after the occurrence of a qualified targeting event--i.e., a specific interaction with a behaviorally relevant publisher.

The eXelate Targeting eXchange allows ad networks to serve targeted ads on untargeted media after users visit relevant publisher site within the eXelate eXchange.

In one recent lab test, by analyzing specific targeting data and advertising pairs, eXelate was able to improve the click-through rate for a campaign on its Hispanic targeting channel--versus running the same campaign Run Of Network--by nearly 300%.

eXelate announced the addition of Ayelet Nuta as its new director of analytics. Nuta is running the eXelate Lab, and managing all of the data optimization projects that the company engages in. Nuta was previously a director at G-STAT, a company supplying data mining solutions for online and offline companies in fields such as financial risk management, client abandonment, optimization of online inventory management and profitability.

eXelate's Targeting eXchange currently provides ad networks with targeting data for nearly 70 million unique users in verticals including travel and finance.

eXelate restricts itself from building user profiles like traditional behavioral ad networks such as Tacoda, nor does it retarget traffic within the ad networks employing its system. Last October, eXelate announced a $4 million investment round led by Carmel Ventures.

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