Facebook Unveils New Ad Placements, New Look

  • July 22, 2008
Facebook is giving ads greater prominence through new display units launched as part of the home page and member profile redesign. The site is shifting ad placements from the left side of pages to the right-hand columns. The social network said it will soon start selling the new home page units through its direct sales force.

On all other pages, including user profiles, ads have been shifted to the right side from the left side to better fit the new design. The new look means that up to two ads can now run in the same ad space, with either two Facebook units running together or a Facebook ad running atop an industry-standard banner.

The social network will continue to serve ads in the News Feed, but will sell that advertising only through its direct sales team. The site's long-expected upgrade also includes a Wall section that features updates from a user's Mini-Feed. Facebook said the new ad placements would provide "meaningful" space for advertising while "being useful and unobtrusive."--Mark Walsh



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