Glam Media Launches Application Platform

  • July 23, 2008
Publisher and ad network Glam Media has launched the Glam Application Platform, an open-source platform that allows applications to be distributed across its network of publishers with a built-in system for monetization.

The platform will attempt to removes obstacles that have previously kept applications inside the walled gardens of a few large social networks such as Facebook and MySpace, and enables them to reach over 77 million monthly unique users through contexts such as blogs, magazines, and content web sites coveted by brand advertisers online.

Applications built on the Glam Apps Platform will be available on the Glam Apps Store for embedding or downloading and can be monetized by Brand Ads provided by Glam or by the web developer, media company or agency. Apps can be free or priced by developers for purchase for use.

The Glam Apps Platform allows a full suite of applications to be built-such as content distribution (video, blogs, photos, news); web 2.0 services (feeds, links, comments, reviews); web apps (search, local); vertical apps (recipes, maps, size finder); entertainment (games, cards, social); ad-widgets (custom, advertorials, video) and publisher utilities (analytics, publishing, audience).--Gavin O'Malley



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