Suit: Whole Foods Stole Our Slogan

  • July 28, 2008
Stop & Shop is suing Whole Foods, claiming the high-end natural foods chain stole its "The Real Deal" marketing positioning, reports the Boston Globe.

The Quincy, Mass.-based Stop & Shop, and Giant Food, a sister chain, recently launched a Real Deal advertising campaign in stores and promotional programs. Three weeks later, the suit alleges, Whole Foods kicked off its own "The Real Deal" in a blog, quarterly guide, and in-store signage. "Whole Foods has developed a reputation for offering high-priced products," the suit says, "and, as Whole Foods has acknowledged, is often referred to by consumers as 'Whole Paycheck.' Whole Foods launched a new marketing campaign aimed at combating its high-priced image."

The suit asks that the court order Whole Foods to shut down its blog and destroy all signs, labels and ads that say "The Real Deal." Whole Foods, the Globe reports, is reviewing its next steps.--Sarah Mahoney



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