Outdoor Channel Cuts HD Deal With Bresnan

Outdoor Channel's Elk ChroniclesThe Outdoor Channel, looking to join the networks that are offering cable and satellite providers HD feeds, has cut a deal with Bresnan Communications. Appropriately for the channel, Bresnan serves states with a high concentration of outdoor-oriented activities: Colorado, Montana, Wyoming and Utah.

The network focuses on programming that ranges from hunting and fishing to "Western lifestyle." Cable and satellite operators are eager to offer as many HD channels as possible to attract new customers.

"Cable operators are thirsty for high-quality and engaging HD networks," said Randy Brown, senior vice president of affiliate sales and marketing. "Since more than 80% of our original programming is produced in HD, Bresnan customers will have a wide variety of high-definition shows to choose from."



Outdoor Channel's HD feed is a simulcast of what's on the network itself. In carriage deals with MSOs such as Bresnan, a commitment to provide an HD feed by a network is also included.

Bresnan serves more than 300,000 customers, and is the country's 13th-largest cable operator.

Under CEO Roger Werner, a former top ESPN executive who was involved in that network's founding, the Outdoor Channel has sought to bolster its multi-platform offerings. It has re-launched its site, with a robust video bank. Werner has also led a re-branding with a new logo and tagline.

The channel is the chief asset of publicly trading Outdoor Channel Holdings, which reported a revenue increase of 14.4% to $13 million for the most recent quarter.

Ad dollars jumped 28% to $8.5 million. Over the first six months of this year, ad sales increased 24.1% to $16.1 million. Subscriber fees, which Bresnan would be paying, declined 4.6%.

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