'Apprentice' To Debut In The UK

Donald Trump from the Apprentice A British version of "The Apprentice" will make its way back across the pond and debut on CNBC on Monday. Instead of Donald Trump searching for an aide-de-camp, that role goes to tycoon Sir Alan Sugar.

A British "Apprentice" has been on the air in the UK with Sugar as star since 2005, but CNBC apparently will re-air season one. The Trump-led U.S. version launched in January 2004.

"The Apprentice UK" series coming to CNBC in prime time will run through Nov. 10 on Mondays, with 14 contestants.

As with Trump, Sugar in the UK has two close advisors that assist him in decision-making.

Sugar, now 57, left school at age 16, eventually becoming a billionaire with an electronics company and an owner of a London soccer team.

Mark Burnett Productions, which produces the show in the U.S., is a co-producer in the UK.



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