McCain Ad Is No Small Potatoes For This Candidate

McCain Potatoes


One day after the Democrats leave Denver and a day before the GOP gathers in Minneapolis, a food company that happens to carry the same name as the Republican presidential candidate will run a full-page ad in USA Today playing on the coincidence.

"Why McCain Should Be In the White House," the copy will read in Friday's issue of the national publication. Gleefully outlining the McCain Foods platform, it will encourage consumers to stand up to "potatoes as usual," instead opting to "go for the blue bag" that features a variety of new and interesting McCain potato products.

McCain Foods USA, Inc., the U.S. division of McCain Foods Limited, produces French fries and other potato products.

The national integrated marketing campaign via Schafer | Condon | Carter includes advertising, public relations and online marketing.



The campaign spokesperson is comedian and impersonator Frank Caliendo, who will step into character as U.S. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., during a national satellite and radio media tour, incorporating politically inspired mentions of McCain potatoes. Caliendo will also hit the streets of Phoenix, where he'll campaign for McCain potatoes. Video content from the Caliendo campaign trail will be posted on video sites, including YouTube, Revver and Yahoo Video.

The political parody extends to online marketing efforts with the launch of the McCain '08 Web site,, encouraging consumers to "go for the blue bag." Consumers can view video from the Caliendo "spud speeches" as well as get the latest product news from "The Other McCain Campaign."

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