Small Colorado Bakery Takes On 'Healthy Ingredients'

Rudi's Organic Bread tv spot Now appearing in test markets only, a television commercial by TDA Advertising & Design, Boulder, Colo., for Rudi's Organic Bakery, Boulder, aims to separate that company's nationally distributed bread from the "healthy-looking, healthy-sounding" supermarket breads.

In the commercial, workers at the fictitious Prairie Morning Bread Company boast that their product is "baked with love," as we watch them mix in such ingredients as azodicarbonamide ("It's azodicarbona-licious!") and high-fructose corn ("love") syrup.

Finally, after a giggling baker smothers one of her new-made loaves in kisses, a more serious voiceover states: "What's in your bread might surprise you. At Rudi's, we think there's a better way to bake bread."

The commercial targets moms 25-49, with a household income of $75,000-plus. It appears on broadcast shows including "Oprah," "Ellen," "The View," "Good Morning America," "The Today Show," and "Dr. Phil," and on cable networks including Bravo, Lifetime, Oxygen, TLC, The Food Network, Travel Channel, and HGTV.



In addition to azodicarbonamide and HFCS, typical "healthy-looking" bread ingredients include calcium peroxide, ammonium sulfate, monocalcium phosphate and ammonium chloride, says a spokesperson. Rudi's Organic has no preservatives or artificial ingredients, he adds.

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