Collective Media Launches Amp 2.0

  • September 25, 2008
Collective Media has unveiled the second generation of its Amp platform.

The first generation, launched in March 2008, provided online publishers with an ad network management solution to create their own branded, vertical ad networks. Amp 2.0 further extends these capabilities to advertisers and agencies, providing them with new audience targeting and inventory management tools to better optimize display ads across multiple ad networks and publishers.

Amp 2.0 allows advertisers to evaluate ad performance across different audiences by demographic, geographic, behavioral or contextual segments, no matter where an ad runs. This allows them to compare ad inventory and impression value across an entire media buy, as well as to better plan and optimize buys on the front end. Amp 2.0 works with all top ad servers, including Atlas, Dart and others.--Tanya Irwin

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