iVillage Partners With 'Access Hollywood'

screenshot of accesshollywood.comNBCU's iVillage.com, the online women's site, has partnered with the long-running entertainment newsmagazine "Access Hollywood" to promote the show cross-platform.

The TV show will provide iVillage with daily video clips, ranging from breaking news to celebrity interviews and behind-the-scenes features. Users will be able to watch "Access Hollywood" videos within the iVillage video player.

In the upcoming months, a custom MRSS feed will be created, distributing many of AccessHollywood.com's full articles to iVillage.com. The articles will be fed on publication, offering iVillage users up-to-the-minute information on the entertainment industry. Articles will include links back to AccessHollywood.com.

The partnership was jointly announced by Linda Boff, chief marketing officer of iVillage, and Betsy Bergman, vice president of marketing, NBC Universal Television Domestic Television Distribution.



"iVillage.com is a terrific fit for the "Access Hollywood" brand," said Bergman.

Boff--who said the iVillage community was "20 million strong," per comScore MediaMetrix--added that the alliance was a way for women "to escape each day with high-quality, accurate news on their favorite celebrities."

An AccessHollywood.com branded news module is located on the iVillage entertainment channel. Clicking on a headline sends users to AccessHollywood.com, where they can get the full story.

"Access Hollywood" is in its 13th season in syndication.

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