Case Deleted: EchoStar Loses TiVo Appeal

TivoTiVo has prevailed over its long court case against EchoStar's Dish Network. A U.S. Supreme Court decision has denied to hear EchoStar's petition.

EchoStar was looking to reverse a United States Court of Appeals case against the satellite distributor concerning TiVo's digital video recording technology. The dispute involves EchoStar's alleged infringement of Tivo's TimeWarp patent, which allows users to record one program while watching another. Tivo applied for the patent in 1998; it was granted in 2001.

In 2004, Tivo successfully sued EchoStar for its Dish Network DVR, which provided similar functionality of Tivo's product. EchoStar has since appealed the ruling a number of times.

Back in January of this year, the U.S. Court of Appeals upheld a lower court's damage award of some $74 million; adding interest, etc. Dish and EchoStar said they will now pay TiVo a total of $104 million.

The ruling also prevents EchoStar, which owns Sling Media, from selling its own digital video recorders, per TG Daily.

The Dish Network has said this will have no effect on its consumers, since it currently uses newer software.

TiVo's stock was up 2.4% to $6.40 and Dish Network Corp.'s stock was down 5.3% to $17.80 in midday trading.



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