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A Comprehensive IT/SEO Checklist

  • aimClear, Tuesday, October 7, 2008 2:18 PM
Marty Weintraub lays it all out there, serving up a comprehensive IT checklist that search consultants or agencies should give to prospective clients at the start of the relationship. The list covers everything from credentials and passwords for file transfer protocol programs and content management systems, to server models, database types, and of course, the various paid search account and analytics programs.

"Over time we've learned the importance of gaining proper understanding and access credentials, before evaluating sites and/or taking on new clients," Weintraub says. "We need to understand how your site is wired, how things are measured and gain quick access as needed. It's true; we don't need all of these access points for every account we deal with. That said, gathering the information ahead of time sure saves piles of time when bodies are flying."



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