Time Warner Brings Web Video To Hawaiian TV

A new Interactive TV initiative has been started by Time Warner Cable in Hawaii.

Oceanic Time Warner Cable has struck a deal with ActiveVideo Networks to give Hawaiian residents Web content and interactivity. The new service, via Time Warner, streams traditional and Web-based content to any digital set-top box.

Cable subscribers can play interactive games from TAG Networks, and get fully customized news, sports and children's programming through P:Mosaic, a personalized video navigation system. Viewers can also create Web-based channels that are specific to the Hawaii market.

Previously, during the 2008 Summer Olympics, Oceanic Time Warner Cable subscribers could view a single-screen mosaic coverage of multiple channels of broadcast and cable Olympics programming. They could also get Olympics news, photo albums, schedules and other content acquired from Web RSS feeds.

Cable subscribers can play games like Tetris, Sudoku and specially created kids' games featuring Barney and Thomas & Friends from TAG Networks. Viewers can also search and navigate merchandise from Home Shopping Network's online inventory and make purchases using their remote controls.




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