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PageRank Sculpting: Finding the Benefits

Advice floating through the SEO world suggests that PageRank sculpting should be used only when all other methods for improving SEO are complete. But in a recent post, Rand Fishkin strongly disagrees. He believe using "nofollow to flow link juice is something that should come up at the same time site architecture and link architecture does." That means when you're trying to figure out how to get the search engines to index all your content and find new content as quickly as possible.

Fishkin lays out several steps to help you test and watch PageRank sculpting, supported by nofollow, in action. They include creating a new page in a test environment, pointing enough links to this new page to get it indexed in the three major search engines, creating between 10 and 20 links on the new page that point to completely unique pages, and waiting for the engines to visit and see these new pages.



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