Google TV Ads Goes Direct, Literally: Integrates With Major Madison Avenue DR System

In a move that will embed its new TV ad buying system far deeper into the way some big agencies process media buys, Google this morning announced a deal that will seamlessly integrate data from its Google TV Ads platform into CoreDirect, a system used by some of Madison Avenue's biggest shops - including Carat, Mindshare, Omnicom Media Group, and Zenith Media - to handle their direct response television advertising buys.

The deal is significant, because it will make it far easier for agencies and direct response marketers to plan, buy and evaluate the performance of TV ads purchased through the Google TV Ads system, creating the kind of seamless flow of so-called "performance" data that to date has only been available via search ads through systems like Google's AdSense system.

"It is no surprise that our direct response clients are on the leading edge of evaluating new ways to buy and measure media,"stated Glenn DeKraker, CEO of COREMedia, the owner of the CoreDirect system, which is utilized by more than 100 direct response marketers, and DR shops such as A. Eicoff, Quigley Simpson, and Publicis' Halogen unit.



For the past several years, COREMedia has been developing systems that integrate the flow of performance data for both direct response TV ads and online search and display advertising to make their results and ROI more comparable.

As a result of the new deal, data from Google TV Ads campaigns will be downloaded directly into CoreDirect's media processing and analytic systems, enabling each TV spot to be matched with response and sales data from an advertiser's call centers and/or Web servers alongside other media buys and results.

Previously, agencies buying spots through Google TV Ads system could only access Google's performance data by manually view and enter reports "on-screen," or by downloading files into their data processing systems. While that may have been practical for smaller Google TV Ads buys, the integration with CoreDirect will enable shops using the system to buy larger quantities of Google TV Ads and process and evaluate the buys on-they-fly and virtually in real-time.

Significantly, CoreDirect also integrates with other broader-based agency media processing systems, such as Donovan Data Systems.

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