Charmin Takes Port-A-Potties On Tour

  • October 28, 2008
Charmin is doing a road show centering on port-a-potties. Yes, the "Plush Potties for the People" tour--beginning this week in Santa Monica, Calif.--features very nice public restrooms and comedian Chelsea Handler, who was there Tuesday to launch the event and proclaim her encomiums for cleaner and more accessible public bathrooms throughout the country. (Mayor Bloomberg, are you reading this?)

Procter & Gamble says the stalls include Kohler toilets, faucets, sinks and sconces, a stainless steel baby-changing station, fireplace, vanities and flat-screen televisions. Attendants in Charmin-branded tuxedos clean the restrooms after every use.

The tour starts in L.A., then moves to Chicago on Nov. 6 and to Boston on Nov. 10. The event culminates with the reopening of Charmin Restrooms in Times Square in December.

The Charmin Restrooms, which the brand introduced last year, will offer similar accommodations to the "Plush Potties," but will "Offer 20 luxurious bathrooms to the public as a complete interactive family experience," per a release.

The effort includes a sweepstakes at for a year's supply of Charmin.--Karl Greenberg

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