Chitika Targets Ads to Search Engine Queries

  • November 18, 2008
Search-targeted ad company Chitika, Inc. announced a 200% growth in its Chitika | Premium ads program in 2008, resulting in a doubling of its user-base to 34,000 publishers.

This is more search queries than, the fifth-largest search engine (according to the August 2008 ComScore report showing with 364 Million searches), which has placed Marlborough, Mass.-based Chitika on the heels of Microsoft.

Chitika's patented search-targeted advertising technology called Chitika | Premium ads displays ads to users coming from a search engine showing ads targeted to the exact queries they were searching for. This results in a positive yield for publishers and helps them monetize the search traffic coming to their site.

Chitika | Premium ads complement Google AdSense contextual ads because of different targeting and a different "look and feel", and both are run on the same pages on thousands of publisher sites.--Tanya Irwin



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