Kraft, Folgers, Olay Top Baby Boomer Gals' WOM

  • by November 18, 2008
Baby boomer women talk about Kraft more than any other packaged goods food brand, according to results of word-of-mouth research released Tuesday by Rodale's Prevention magazine, in partnership with Keller Fay Group's ongoing TalkTrack study.

JM Smuckers' recently acquired Folgers, meanwhile, is the brand that boomers are more likely to talk about in comparison with younger women.

That's significant, since the study's tracking of a year's worth of online and offline conversations also determined that boomer women have "higher quality" WOM than younger women do--the conversations are more credible, and they are more likely than younger women to pass on what they hear to others, to seek additional information and, most significantly, to actually purchase the products talked about.

In fact, boomer women (ages 43-62) had higher purchase intent than younger women (18-39) for 14 of the 15 product categories tracked, the only exception coming in Media & Entertainment. The most positive word of mouth from the boomers occurred in Beauty & Personal Care, where they surpassed younger women in all six quality criteria measured--recommendation, credibility, pass-along, additional info-seeking, and purchase intent. The top talked-about brand in the category was Olay, followed by Dove, Avon, Pantene, Suave, Bath & Body Works, Mary Kay, Crest, L'Oreal and Revlon.



Food was also a highly ranked category. Following Kraft, the most talked-about packaged goods brands by the boomer women were Stouffers, Campbell's, Lean Cuisine, Kellogg's, Tyson, Weight Watchers, Gerber, Healthy Choice and Betty Crocker.

Overall, in comparison with younger women, Folgers was followed by Olay, Avon, Walgreens, Pantene, Kraft, Lipton, JC Penney, CVS and Olive Garden.

The TalkTrack study was based on day-after online surveys about the conversations of more than 14,000 women (about half baby boomers) from April 2007 through March 2008.

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