DVR Users Skip Spots, But Will Watch 'Relevant' Ones

tivo remoteNew TiVo-based research says that more than 90% of DVR users "almost always" or "always" fast-forward through commercials--this according to a new Starcom USA-TiVo custom study.

This data may suggest that skipping through commercials is higher than previously believed. Other studies note that 60% to 70% of the time DVR users skip through commercials.

The research was part of the initial results of Starcom's custom survey using TiVo's Power||Watch ratings. Starcom was the first media agency to subscribe to the TiVo Power||Watch ratings service when it was launched in November 2007. The service gives agencies and advertisers access to demographic and viewing behavior data for 20,000 households that volunteered to take part.

While fast-forwarding is a factor in owning and using a DVR, Starcom says that only 10% of viewers view commercial-skipping as the main benefit of a TiVo DVR. 80% say the main reason is to record programs for later viewing.



Other results from the study say that consumers are not totally averse to watching commercials. Around one-third of viewers said they will watch a commercial when it is "relevant to them." Another 21% say they watched ads because they are "entertaining."

One sign that there needs to be better creative execution and microtargeting of consumers comes from research: 61% of DVR users would be likely to watch commercials if they were more relevant.

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  1. Kate Bacon from Well Dunne! Talent, December 12, 2008 at 12:10 p.m.

    Any info on how viewers would determine if spots were relevant if these same viewers are skipping the spots?

  2. Walter Graff from Bluesky Media, December 16, 2008 at 8:22 a.m.

    Yea, get rid of the "creative" stuff agencies do, and sell the product or service in away folks understand, something that makes it relative to someones life, not because it cost $1 million to make cool animation, or because the ad won thirty awards. The last time an award winning ad had anything to do with effectiveness was... never. It did give the agencies plenty of things to hand on their wall though. From a consumer perspective, for an ad to work you need five things. It has to be:

    emotional connection

    Seems today's advertising agencies only know two of these.

    Walter Graff

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