Ipsos: Streaming Video Gaining Ground

woman at computerStreaming video continues to be favored by U.S. users, and it's increasing at a faster rate than downloading video.

According to a new study by research company Ipsos MediaCT, almost 57% of U.S. Internet users have streamed at least one video in the last 30 days, as opposed to 22% who have downloaded video. The research shows that streaming of video has risen 50% over the same time period a year ago, while downloading video registers a 19% rise.

This is mostly because downloading of video--especially long-form video--typically comes at a price, particularly from the country's biggest pay downloading video sites, like iTunes. In addition, the study says that U.S. video users are concerned about filling up valuable space on their hard drives, whether on desktops, laptops, or portable devices.

Video clips, and shorter-length programs, are the most popular when it comes to streaming--representing over 50% of all streaming video usage. Twenty-five percent of U.S. users have streamed at least one full-length TV program during the last 30 days, and streaming of full movies is at 17%.



In regard to movies, Ipsos says almost 60% of those who download would rather have a physical copy of a movie. This suggests that movie studios could move downloads at lower prices than DVDs to push that activity and not cannibalize DVD sales.

Says Brian Pickens, senior research manager at Ipsos MediaCT, in a release: "While we have seen ad-subsidized streaming grow dramatically in the past six months, with sites like Hulu, Veoh and Fancast providing a significant outlet for ad-supported streamed content, we are also seeing consumer willingness to pay a subscription to have online access to long-form video content streams such as movies and TV shows."

Ipsos says that monthly streaming video services can grow even faster if they maintain a $5- to $10-a-month subscriber price for unlimited video. Of those who have downloaded video in the last 30 days, about 11% choose movies, and 11% pick TV shows. Downloading is largely the domain of men 18-34.

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