ALF, 'Parents' Team On Anti-Smoking Program

  • December 18, 2008
Parents magazine and the American Legacy Foundation have created "Parents Quit for Good," an extension of the ALF's "Become an EX" campaign. The free program is timed for New Year's resolutions.

The effort will be published in February, March and April issues of Parents. Starting Dec. 29, parents can visit to get assistance for behavioral modification, and opportunities to connect with other parents trying to quit.

The campaign offers "Ten Things Parents Can Do to Prevent Their Children From Smoking," including being a role model; designating homes as smoke-free zones; trying to quit; not smoking around children; educating kids to be savvy consumers of media; talking to kids about the dangers of tobacco; knowing the children's friends and whether smoking takes place in their social circles; and listening to the children.--Karl Greenberg



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