Special K Launches Crackers, Blueberry Cereal

Special K crackers Kellogg is continuing the aggressive expansion of its Special K-branded products.

The latest extensions are crackers--Special K's first foray into savory snacks--plus a new blueberry-flavored cereal variety (the eighth under the Special K line).

Just last month, Kellogg rolled out three new, protein-fortified Special K products--K20 Protein Waters, Protein Snack Bars and Protein Meal Bars--that extended the brand's retail territory into the diet/nutrition sections of grocery and drug stores. The products were also the first to emerge from Kellogg's new Health & Wellness Division.

Like all Special K products--which also include cereal bars, Snack Bites, Bliss Bars and waffles, Special K Crackers are being positioned as convenient, nutritious, tasty solutions to help consumers (women in particular) "address their weight management goals."



More specifically, the new snacks--at 90 calories, eight grams of whole grains and one gram of fiber per 17 crackers--are being promoted as a low-cal, healthy alternative to potato chips or candy for women at work or on-the-go who experience "munchie" cravings, particularly in the afternoon.

According to Kellogg, nine in 10 women crave snacks during the day, and nearly half cite afternoons as their prime snacking temptation time. "The long stretch between lunch and dinner presents weight managers with a tricky moment of truth: how to satisfy their hunger without sacrificing their goals," sums up Kellogg's in its launch announcement.

The crackers, currently available in two flavors (Italian Tomato & Herb and Multi-Grain), are also being promoted as "packing a satisfying crunch, which is what 28% of women said they crave most in an afternoon snack." Both cracker flavors come in eight-ounce pantry packs and 90-calorie packs (six pouches per pack). The suggested retail price is $3.69 per box.

The new Special K Blueberry cereal--described as a "tasty blend of crunchy rice, whole-wheat and blueberry-flavored flakes combined with oat and blueberry-flavored clusters"--has a suggested retail of $3.89.

Like other Special K cereals, the new flavor is being positioned as part of a "Special K Breakfast"--a serving of cereal with skim milk, fruit and black coffee totaling under 250 calories. Weight-conscious consumers are, of course, also being reminded that scientific studies show that people who eat cereal for breakfast daily maintain a healthier weight.

Both new products are being supported by campaigns spanning television spots as well as online and public relations efforts.

The campaign messages for both new offerings also tie into the successful, long-running "Special K Challenge" to lose up to six pounds in two weeks--which has been enhanced by an online program within the Special K area of Kellogg's site that helps individuals design their own optimum Special K Challenge programs.

Kellogg's has, of course, wisely timed the two product launches to hit just at the start of a New Year: Peak season for making weight-related resolutions and commencing the quest for help in sticking to those promises.

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