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Now No. 5, PNC Bank Launches Campaign

  • by January 5, 2009
PNC and Nation City adPittsburgh-based PNC Bank, having completed its $5.6 billion federal bailout-fueled acquisition of Cleveland's National City Corp. on New Year's Eve, launched a new marketing campaign Monday via print, radio, TV and online ads. The campaign's tag line is "Two of America's best-known banks. Now simply one of America's best."

A PNC spokesperson, citing "other priorities," said the bank could not provide information on ad agencies or any specifics on exactly where the ads will be running.

With the merger, PNC is now the fifth-largest bank in the U.S. in terms of both assets ($289 billion in assets, with $151 billion of that through the National acquisition) and deposits ($180 billion, with about half coming from former National customers). It is also the nation's fourth-largest in number of branches (2,600). The bank now serves six million customers in 13 states and Washington, D.C., and is No. 1, deposit-wise, in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Kentucky.



In a release, PNC said National City branches and customers will convert fully to PNC over a 23-month period starting in the second half of 2009. As of Monday, a transitional name--"National City--now a part of PNC"--was in effect for newly created customer materials and advertising.

Also on Monday, PNC:

  • Combined both banks' ATM networks--which at 6,000 machines is now the nation's fourth-largest--and eliminated ATM fees.
  • Launched a new Web site,, to provide updates on the two banks' integration.
  • Began mailing "welcome" letters to all customers of both banks, informing them to bank at the same branches, with the same accounts currently held.

About 61 National branches in western Pennsylvania, however, must be divested by June 30, as a result of an agreement announced with the U.S. Justice Department last month due to antitrust concerns.

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