KFC Campaign Stresses Freshness, New Dinner Deal

KFC Dinner for 5Kentucky Fried Chicken has launched a new campaign that promotes both the chain's continuing practice of cooking Original Recipe chicken on premises and a new "Unbeatable Feast" dinner deal.

The "Fresh Tastes Best" campaign, focused primarily on television, debuted Wednesday night. It features a young woman who is the cook at one KFC location explaining that the whole chickens for Original Recipe are delivered fresh to the restaurants, prepared with the recipe's 11 secret herbs and spices and cooked on site.

The campaign "communicates a real point of differentiation between KFC and many of our competitors," says spokesperson Rick Maynard. "Sixty-five years after the Colonel invented the Original Recipe, if you visit a restaurant that bears his likeness, you'll still find a cook in the kitchen preparing fresh KFC Original Recipe chicken on the bone--just like the Colonel did."



The end of the commercial promotes KFC's new "affordable family dinner solution"--a meal for five for just $3 per person. The Unbeatable Feast includes 10 pieces of Original Recipe chicken, two family-size orders of mashed potatoes with gravy, one large order of coleslaw and five biscuits for $14.99.

In addition to running the commercial through March 21, KFC will send a promotional email on the same themes to the Colonel's Club database, which includes 1.5 million names.

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