Innerscope: Metrics Differ On Top Super Bowl Ads Super Bowl ad spotForget about what you thought about the Super Bowl commercials. How did you sweat to them?

Popular polls and metrics in judging Super Bowl ads mentioned top-rated spots from Doritos, Hulu and others. But Innerscope Research said "biometric" tests--which measure heart rate, breathing, skin sweat and motion--concluded that the most effective ads were much different than the top-performing ones on USA Today's Ad Meter.

Lesser-noticed commercials got high scores, according to the New York-based research company. and Cash4Gold commercials, which seemingly tug at real economic troubles that current U.S. TV viewers are having, were No. 1 and No. 2, respectively.

CareerBuilder produced a spot focused on the monotony--and endless repetition--of some employment. Cash4Gold showed us real-life financially troubled entertainment people--Ed McMahon and MC Hammer--who need to trade in their gold for cash.



Many polls offered the Doritos' "Crystal Ball" spot--featured as a result of a viewer sweepstakes--of a crystal ball being thrown at a vending machine and one office worker, as one of the best Super Bowl commercials.

"Your unconscious emotions reveal what your conscious thoughts cannot," said Dr. Carl Marci, CEO and co-founder of Innerscope Research, in a release. "The benefit of biometrics is that we can identify how people truly feel, and the economy is pervasive."

Other high-ranking spots, according to Innerscope, include Castrol Oil, featuring real monkeys working as "grease" monkeys on cars. Another was a Bud Light spot where executives are figuring out how to cut costs. Internet domain seller showed race-car driver Danica Patrick taking a shower.

Innerscope's study featured 46 men and women 21-35; they wore lightweight, wireless biometric vests to conduct the tests.

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