Telemundo Campaign Hopes To Boost Census Participation

Spanish-language broadcaster Telemundo said last week it will launch a public service effort to boost awareness among its audience of the coming 2010 U.S. Census.

Included in the plans for the multitiered campaign is a type of brand integration for the census. Messages about the importance of participating in the counting will be weaved into the story lines in the network's popular novelas.

The campaign will take the moniker "Hazte Contar!" (Be Counted!) The network said it will look to "increase [Hispanic] participation in this significant national process." The effort launches April 1 and will last a year--running on-air (including on the network, the owned-and-operated local stations and cable outlet mun2) as well as digital platforms.

Aspects of the campaign include the "message placement" in novelas, a series of PSAs with Telemundo talent and a notable presence on

The network said the campaign "will create awareness among the U.S. Hispanic community about the Census process and promote community involvement as a means of gaining a more accurate representation of the U.S. Hispanic population."



The census is critical on several fronts. It will determine "federal and state representation in government and what communities get billions of dollars in state and federal funding," said Don Browne, president of Telemundo.

Some 15.1% of the U.S. population (45.4 million people) are Hispanic, according to the Census Bureau in 2007.

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