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  • Digital Engagement Index in Digital News Daily on 07/27/2017

    On Saturday (7/22), Lego uploaded a new trailer for The LEGO NINJAGO Movie, a Warner Brothers feature releasing in September. Since release, the video has generated over 575K views, helping the toy brand maintain its place in the #1 spot of the leaderboard on Wednesday.

  • Consolidation Hits Local Papers Across Country in Publishing Insider on 07/27/2017

    Scores of local newspapers are trading hands in a wave of consolidation across the country, often leaving longtime family owners for bigger corporate bosses. The worry: They may not share share the same connection and commitment to the communities.

  • Digital Engagement Index in Digital News Daily on 07/26/2017

    Pizza Hut uploaded a new commercial to its official YouTube channel on Monday (7/24), featuring actress and comedian Kristen Wiig. Tracking 4.1M views in just 24 hours, the video helped the fast food giant jump to the #7 spot of the leaderboard on Tuesday, with an impressive 1,305% increase in digital engagements.

  • Most Liked Social Network Is... Google+? in Social Media Insider on 07/26/2017

    Google+, long dismissed as the also-ran and afterthought of the social-media world, is actually well liked by the relatively small group of people who use it.

  • 'Guardian' Touts Paid Membership Gains in Publishing Insider on 07/26/2017

    The Guardian Media Group is still struggling to right its financial ship. But its new strategy of "paid memberships" appears to be working, albeit gradually. That leaves the exact rate of recovery to be determined.

  • Digital Engagement Index in Digital News Daily on 07/25/2017

    The Rock x Siri Dominate the Day video for Apple's iPhone 7 was uploaded to the tech giant's official YouTube channel on Sunday (7/23). The video garnered 6.4M views between Sunday and Monday, helping Apple take the #1 spot of the leaderboard.

  • Death Of An Editorial Writer in Publishing Insider on 07/25/2017

    If anyone can be called an editorial prodigy, the prolific editorial writer for 'The Wall Street Journal' was it. By the time of his untimely death last week at 34, Rago had written an astonishing 1,353 pieces for the newspaper - about one every two days.

  • WebMD Sold To Private Equity For $2.8B in Publishers Daily on 07/24/2017

    WebMD will be incorporated into the advertising network operated by Internet Brands, which includes hundreds of Web sites in business-to-business and consumer media Web sites.

  • Digital Engagement Index in Digital News Daily on 07/24/2017

    The Season 2 Comic Con "Thriller" Trailer for Netflix's Stranger Things was uploaded to the streaming service's official YouTube channel on Saturday (7/22). The video garnered 5.8M views between Saturday and Sunday, helping Netflix reach the #1 spot of the leaderboard.

  • Rodale Pledges Property For Loans in Publishing Insider on 07/24/2017

    That's the strategy being pursued by health and fitness publisher Rodale Inc., which hopes to sell some of its corporate real estate to help secure an existing line of credit to $35 million.

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