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Jwalker Smith

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  • Executive Vice Chairman The Futures Company/Yankelovich
  • 989 Rosedale Rd., Ne
  • Atlanta Georgia
  • 30306 USA

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  • Productivity: A Darwinian Gale in Media Magazine on 01/06/2010

    What the great recession has wrought is not what is popularly supposed. One common view, perhaps the most widely proclaimed, is that the recessionary experience of frugality has ushered in an enduring era of penny-pinching and thrift that will wholly define the character and mindset of the recovery consumer marketplace to come. The consumer, it is said, has been changed altogether.

  • Productivity: It's All In Your Head in Media Magazine on 07/14/2009

    The primary cause of the current recession is psychological, not economic. And regardless of what happens economically, we're going to stay in this recession until we reverse our recession mentality.

  • Media Diary J. Walker Smith in Media Magazine on 05/01/2009

    Respond to email, company first, then personal, with iTunes playing (on iMac) on random play.

    8-8:45 a.m. Work on PowerPoint presentation on company laptop with iTunes playing (on iMac) on random play.

  • Happiness Is Looking Up in Media Magazine on 03/02/2009

    A recent story in the new york times bore a telling headline, "Even if You Can't Buy It, Happiness Is Big Business." It's true. The happiness trend has not appeared out of nowhere. In fact, it is an expected correlate of an increasingly materially affluent society, a pattern of development called "post-materialism."

  • Productivity: The Paradox of Thrift in Media Magazine on 01/02/2009

    Since the meltdown on Wall Street, the media has maintained a deathwatch. It's not helping, and it's incorrect. You've heard it all before: The economy is a mess. Consumers are beset by falling home prices, debt, tightening credit and rising food prices. The gains realized during the dot-com and housing booms have evaporated. Credit markets remain frozen shut. Consumer spending has plummeted. New home sales, orders for durable goods and foreign trade (both exports and imports) are bottoming out, while claims for unemployment benefits skyrocket.

  • Productivity: Enough of Too Much  in Media Magazine on 11/03/2008

    Ted Levitt, the late Harvard B-School marketing guru, famously wrote, "People don't buy products. They buy solutions to problems." For Levitt, this notion is fundamental. As he saw it, and as generations of business people have recognized, thanks to him, identifying problems and solving them is the essence of what business is all about. In other words, the only path to success is properly understanding and delivering what customers need.

  • Productivity: Don't Give Up Just Yet in Media Magazine on 10/02/2008

    Eulogizing old media is a favorite pastime for pundits nowadays. Not so fast. Sure, things may look bleak. Newspaper advertising seems to have hit its long-anticipated tipping point and is in record declines. The network upfronts held their own this year, but only because advertisers bought more spots to offset declining audiences, so networks sold more inventory. Magazine advertising is taking an extra hit this year because of the slow economy.

  • Productivity: The Context of No Context in Media Magazine on 06/23/2008

    All the buzz nowadays is about technology. This is no surprise, really. The whiz-bang gadgetry of the new media landscape is utterly extraordinary, so it's well-deserving of all the attention. But when we quit gawking and look closely, we see the coming of something more important than the eye-popping wizardry of widgets, wireless and Wi-Fi. It's a growing shift in when and where we use media, not just a change in what we can do with the media at hand.

  • Productivity: Hard Times Are Here Again in Media Magazine on 04/15/2008

    Once again, media are in one of those strange positions where they must report on the possibility of an economic downturn - perhaps even abetting its occurrence as a result - while knowing that such news can only hurt them.

  • Productivity: It's More Than Eyeballs in Media Magazine on 02/22/2008

    Think back to the earliest internet hype: the promise of the information superhighway. Forevermore, we were assured, we would have unfettered, self-directed access to every bit of data about every possible topic we might want to study or investigate.

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