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Andy Atherton

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  • Media Stocks Down In 2011, But Not Out For 2012 by Matt Straz (Online Spin on 01/03/2012)

    Reading quickly, I noticed a couple errors. Linkedin IPO priced at $45. It now trades north of $64, a gain of >40%. I think you may be basing your calculations on the first day close rather than the IPO price. Importantly different implications between the two approaches. Also, Yelp filed last year:

  • Audience Insights, Not Audience Measurement by Stephen DiMarco (Metrics Insider on 01/26/2010)

    Great post, Stephen. And a priceless quote from Randall. Couldn't agree more. Our take on the same issue here:

  • A Simple Prediction For 2010 by Cory Treffiletti (Online Spin on 11/18/2009)

    Great post Cory. I'm very glad you're interested in this area. is a leader in proving the offline sales impact of online spend. We have delivered strong, proven ROI results on web-wide campaigns for some of the biggest CPG brands on the planet ( These were not niche studies. The average campaign size measured was >$250K, running across dozens of sites. So offers the viable, scalable solution you envisions to tie online ad exposure to offline sales ( We offer it today and have proven that it works. I will give you a call later this morning.

  • On Efficient Markets and Monetization of Internet Traffic by Jordan Rohan (Online Spin on 09/30/2009)

    Interesting article Jordan - particularly your thoughts about the long-run efficiency of the ad market. I personally think the analogies between current ad exchanges and financial markets are a bit overdone at this point, though. Online ad exchanges still lack fundamental capabilities present in more evolved financial markets, but they definitely up the ante on demand-side players to build, buy or license tools that can meet their various marketing objectives in this dynamic, volatile inventory environment; the infrastructure and expertise required is non-trivial, particularly for brand marketers.

  • Ad Crack: Gotta Get Your Fix Of CTR! by Cory Treffiletti (Online Spin on 08/19/2009)

    Amen, Cory! Funny that you mention the OMMA Metrics conference. I was on a different panel later that day which focused on Brand measurement and the moderator (Dan Beltramo from Vizu) asked each of the panelists to answer a few questions to get the conversation started. One of the questions was, “What is the most misused metric for Brand Campaigns?”. All 4 panelists including yours truly answered, “CTR.”, to which Dan readily agreed. The fact is CTR isn’t correlated with attitudinal measures that Vizu focuses on. Nor is it correlated with ROI as measured by offline sales impact vs. online campaign spend (example here: Crack indeed.

  • CMOs: Just Say No To Ad Nets, Yes To Viral Marketing by Gavin O'Malley (MediaDailyNews on 06/01/2009)

    Interesting article Gavin. Would take issue with Spanfeller's quote however. He’s right of course that the vast majority of ad networks are focused on demand fulfillment or DR or “bottom-of-the-funnel” (pick your favorite expression). But there’s an embedded assumption in his statement that the only alternative to DR-focused networks is direct-to-publisher. This is not true. delivers the positives of an ad network – scalability and efficiency - with a unique platform that was built by brand media experts for brand media experts. is the only ad network exclusively focused on demand creation. More on my blog post at:

  • Prepare For Possible Decline In Internet Usage In 2009-2010 by Cory Treffiletti (Online Spin on 04/01/2009)

    good stuff cory. funny. :)

  • Team Publishing: Stop Whining by Ari Rosenberg (Publishing Insider on 03/05/2009)

    Interesting article Ari. Here’s what I wrote about it on the blog ( Many interesting points raised here. Certainly an interesting take on one of the reasons for the current predominance of DR over Branding in online advertising and I agree wholeheartedly that online display ads are a far better branding medium than it’s currently fashionable to believe. (I found myself thinking, “AMEN!” as I read that paragraph. Well put.) I also agree that the more compelling the creative opportunities for brand marketers the better, as long as a standard approach can be developed. I’m not sure that the tethered ad approach that’s recommended is the right solution, but that doesn’t detract from the argument against clutter. A publisher choosing to go to with 100% tethered ads would likely execute that choice operationally the same way they would execute any other new ad unit, so the real question is, “What’s the most effective ad unit for brand marketers?”. Certainly a worthwhile question. Would also point out that networks as whole wouldn’t necessarily lose in the scenario outlined. Many certainly would if the new unit was less effective (lower ROI) for DR campaigns, but Brand marketers and Branding-focused ad networks would welcome any new standard unit that improved results for online branding.

  • Lessons In Online Branding: Valuable Doesn't Always Mean Directly Measureable; Models Aren't Always Right by Andy Atherton (Online Media Daily on 01/05/2009)

    Great comments. Really appreciate the dialog!

  • Online Branding: The Top Of The Funnel Is More Important Than Ever by Andy Atherton (Online Media Daily on 01/12/2009)

    Thanks for the feedback and discussion. That’s what this is all about!

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