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  • Media and Health ... Which Is Transforming Faster? in Marketing: Health on 03/13/2015

    Health is a journey like no other. From the moment we are born, it begins; from boo-boos and scraped knees to getting fit, giving life and battling illness, the health journey is something we all have in common. It is a journey that is continuous, challenging, and sometimes rewarding - but always requires fortitude - from within and from without. Health is a journey that matters. It's one of the reasons that health is one of the most-searched categories on Google, and the most discussed topic in social media; the reason that there are 1.2 billion pages of web content dedicated to health and wellness, and that half a trillion dollars of investment have been spent there in just the past 10 years.

  • Health Is The New Wealth in Marketing: Health on 03/14/2014

    The topic of health is like the hottest new restaurant: Everyone wants in. In the U.S., we are beginning to see a fundamental shift in consumer health as doctor visits continue to decrease, while self treatment is on the rise. In addition, everyone seems to be getting into the health and wellness game. You may ask yourself why this is happening? There are a few key trends that are making health en vogue.

  • Don't You Know Who I Am?  in Marketing: Health on 09/13/2013

    Sure, since the beginning of time, our mothers have told us how special we are. However, in today's era of customization ability for everything from our vacation, our shoes, our homes, and our broadcast programming, today we think we are more special than ever. As consumers, we don't just expect tailored experiences, we demand it.

  • Shopping Is Not Solving in Marketing: Health on 02/08/2013

    Shopping and solving are two different things.

  • Breaking Stereotypes  in Marketing: Health on 04/13/2012

    "If you are boring, you work in auditing, and if you are boring and work at an agency, you work in media." This was a quote I heard in a client meeting last week. Beyond annoying me, this statement triggered me to think about the role of media in healthcare marketing today.

  • We Are Playing A New Game ... Why Do Pharma Marketers Keep Using The Old Playbook?  in Marketing: Health on 09/09/2011

    A 300-pound linebacker would look rather silly trying to keep up with David Beckham on the soccer field, right? We often talk about the changing marketing landscape that is now, more than ever, driven by the customer. We are playing a faster, more nimble game. However, many brands are applying the same rules and players to a completely different game.

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