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George Musi

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  • Head of Analytics DG
  • New York New York
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  • Disrupting The Existing Cross-Media Measurement Paradigm Is The Way Forward in Real-Time Daily on 06/06/2014

    Media and advertising (and the consumer) is fast tracking towards an always on, multi-screen environment-watch-what-you-want-when-you-want-how-you-want. Between desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, OTT devices, gaming consoles and (albeit nascent emergence of) smart TVs, TV is sharing the stage and consumer attention with an increasing number of screen-based devices, which presents both challenges and opportunities to brands and agencies.

  • The Mobile Measurement And Metrics Miasma in Mobile Marketing Daily on 09/03/2013

    While metrics standardization and consistency are critical to advancing mobile media spend, we should not miss this important moment in media history when changing consumption patterns demand new kinds of measurement.

  • Expanding (And Measuring) The Life Cycle Of A Super Bowl Campaign in Video Insider on 01/22/2013

    Done right, TV Super Bowl ads are a great way to reach a large diverse market, but they can no longer be standalone assets. In order to achieve the greatest long-tail effect and success from commercials, marketers need to develop fully integrated Super Bowl campaigns that optimize digital channels to support and promote these costly TV ads. It's just not as simple as buying high-reach media; the broader ecosystem truly matters.

  • Not Every Impression Created Equal: An Ad Served Not Necessarily Ad Viewed in Metrics Insider on 12/06/2012

    While digital advertising continues to accelerate and evolve, there's no doubt that TV retains its ability to reach large numbers of people over short periods of time. But the explosive growth of online advertising is offering marketers and media buyers other opportunities to reach, engage and influence specific audiences, with a calculated frequency and via more touch points. Irrespective of media, there is always a need for (new) measured metrics and standards that can help inform future campaigns and help better allocate marketing spending to most effectively reach and engage audiences.

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  • Not Every Impression Created Equal: An Ad Served Not Necessarily Ad Viewed by George Musi (Metrics Insider on 12/06/2012)

    Thank you for the comments Michael and Jeff. What I was referring to is video ads specifically (ex.:30 spot vs.:30 pre-roll). The point that I’m trying to make is that there is a growing need in the media industry to better align video campaign measurement with TV, understanding TV and online video lines are blurring at increasing rates. Traditional TV CPMs have always been based on viewing opportunity, and agree that TV commercials play whether you're in front of the set or in the bathroom or TiVoing through at a rapid rate (and also adding that viewers have ad-avoidance technology in hand) – advertisers don’t know if their ads are seen (real ad viewability), let alone seen to completion. But, if the audience is in front of the TV than they have the opportunity to see the ad (it takes over the entire screen). This OTS (fully viewable) is not guaranteed in online video, even is the person is in front of their device, because it can be partially obstructed or non-visible. The viewability measurement (instead of just measuring deliver) provides new level of validation that improves the ability to quantify the impact of video ads. These new insights should bring enhanced transparency and accountability for advertisers and agencies, while also allowing for the integration of online video with TV in cross-media campaigns. However, what we are seeing in the industry is a need for a standardized, multi-platform video measurement definition that would allow buyers to compare traditional and nontraditional TV buying options.

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