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Bret Bernhoft

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  • Mobile Marketing Won't Work Here  in Engage:Millennials on 05/08/2009

    Mobile marketing is push instead of pull, very traditionally limited and is, simply, the use of a new medium to deliver content. As Generation Y continues to adopt newer technologies, marketers will continue to be one step behind, trying to deliver a message without attempting to develop a serious engagement with their new consumers.

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  • Mobile Marketing Won't Work Here by Bret Bernhoft (Engage:Millennials on 05/08/2009)


  • Mobile Marketing Won't Work Here by Bret Bernhoft (Engage:Millennials on 05/08/2009)

    As the author of this article, some of the comments are concerning to me. THERE IS NO ETHICAL MOBILE MARKETING, PERIOD! Despite the accounts of "ethical mobile" the reality is that these devices are again being used as a traditional marketing means in the effort to strangle yet another generation of consumers with garbage. Mobile marketing is not ethical as it stands and unless there is a fundamental change in the way mobile marketers operate there will continue to be a drag on the consumer. Opt in is still SPAM, and should be made illegal marketing as it is an invasion of privacy and leads to nothing advantageous for either the marketer or the consumer. GARBAGE!!

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