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Doug Manson

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Doug Manson is the VP of Creative Services for AdColony, where he’s been leading their Skylab team for five years. Doug honed his design skills with time at Slacker, Meebo, and Time Inc., and was a recipient of the Digiday Top Boss Award for Advertising Technology.

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  • A Guide To Mobile Consumers' Favorite Ad Unit in Marketing Insider on 06/18/2018

    Rewarded. Value-exchange. User-initiated. Whatever you call it, the video ad format mobile consumers opt into is one of the fastest-growing ad units. Why? It is the perfect companion to freemium: Users can use their time as a bargaining chip to receive more value from an app. In exchange for their attention, they might receive premium content, in-app currency, or more lives/energy in a game. It's one of the rare ad mediums where the consumer (see above), publisher (higher eCPMs) and advertiser (CTR, video completions, app installs) all derive real, tangible value.

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