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Adil zaim

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  • Tomorrow's Media Agency Is A Modular Tech Platform in MAD on 09/03/2021

    One of the biggest barriers to evolution is that most agencies are trying to survive as a managed service. Managed service focus entails the same standardized products and service model across all clients, which allows no flexibility to build bespoke services that adapt around client needs.

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  • Tomorrow's Media Agency Is A Modular Tech Platform by Adil Zaim (MAD on 09/03/2021)

    Jim, share your thoughts on efficiency and the value differentiation coming from the experience and skills of those handling and not just the tools. In the article I am referring to operational efficiencies at the agency that can be driven through automation. 

  • Tomorrow's Media Agency Is A Modular Tech Platform by Adil Zaim (MAD on 09/03/2021)

    Ed, core agency functions including media planning won't fundamentally change however we need to evolve how they are delivered to clients. Cross channel media planning would remain at the core of an agency offering however it needs to evolve and embrace a marketplace that is fast converging to a biddable inventory pool where a traditional media planning approach may not be executable - we are already seeing this with the rapid growth of connected TV. I believe a modular approach to the agency service model enabled by tech would change the current currency that determines agency fees, where each funciton would be valued independently instead of a bundled approach linked to media pricing - this would result in clients willing to pay more for services they need and offer a qunatifiable value.

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