• Q Mixers Wants an Informed Impulse Buyer
    Q Mixers can be found in thousands of outlets nationwide. It promises to upgrade the typical flat and overly sweet drink mixer with better ingredients and more fizz. But of course, mixers typically are last minute add-on, low-consideration purchase. The brand needs to be at the point of inspiration and sale, but it also has a specific story to tell. Which is one of the problems Nick Wooten, their CMO tries to solve in part with an evolved out of home ad strategy
  • Bonin Bough's New Mission Is Deeper Than Media
    Bonin Bough doesn't just want major advertisers to support Black-owned media. He wants them to support communities. Bough famously led digital at Pepsi then media at Mondelez. But in recent years as co-founder of Group Black he is incubating, financing and selling advertisers into a mushrooming portfolio of black-owned businesses. He will be appearing next week at MediaPost's Publishing Insider Summit in Bonita Springs. But this week on Brand Insider we dug into Bough's vision for bringing brands beyond media and into the lives of more diverse communities.
  • Turning Red Blue: Learning from the Beshear Win
    As polarization of the electorate seems to escalate, political campaigns engage in an existential question. Can media move minds...and votes anymore? At last month's Marketing Politics event in Washington D.C., Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear's Campaign Manager Eric Hyers outlined how locally focused messaging, careful data analysis, and targeting helped drive a Blue candidate's re-election in a deep Red state. The win also demonstrated the simple power of a heartfelt, authentic campaign ad...that didn't even include the candidate.
  • Are There Persuadables?: The Lincoln Project's Anti-MAGA Media Plan
    As culture wars rage, polarization hardens, clustering congeals, it is a fair question whether there are any persuadable "swing voters" to target in the coming election. Rick Wilson, co-founder of the notorious Lincoln Project SuperPAC of Anti-Trump, disaffected Republicans thinks so. Modern programmatic nano-targeting can find and optimize to these audiences. But it requires explicit, in-your-face, even rude creative, he argues.
  • From Passion to Purpose: Santa Teresa's Gang Reform Mission
    Hey, "meaningful marketer!" You think hosting "service days," tithing .5% of profits or claiming "sustainability goals" make you a "brand with a mission?" How about having your CEO and marketing team walk into a gang-run neighborhood to convince these young toughs to come work for you instead of criming? That's called walking the talk - a perilous one.
  • Beyond Beyonce: Lemon Perfect Water Pours Into the Full Funnel
    We don't just drink water, anymore. We "hydrate." And with that distinction comes a host of science (pseudo and real) marketing, branding, health claims, flavors, and a clutter of choices. How does a brand break out in such a morass? Lemon Perfect is one of the hydration brands contending for attention. It has the benefit of being backed by Beyonce as well as alignments with some athlete partners. To discuss the strategy behind breaking through and selling water we have Dana Barba, who's the SVP of Marketing at Lemon Perfect. Dana joined the company in May after a lengthy career …
  • Reconnecting with the Local Bookie: Tipico's Neighborhood Plan
    Long before state lotteries and betting apps, gambling was a neighborhood business. There were street corner bookies, the guy who knew the guy at the local grocery store or bar. Gambling was pretty much a local small business. Not now. As gambling goes legit in most states, sportsbooks like FanDuel and DraftKings carpet bomb major media for your bets.
  • Caravan's Product Innovation + Star Power Equation
    In order to cut through the white noise of current marketing, new brands often find it most effective to connect with preexisting celebrities. But can you actually systematize the creation of brands that are married to star power or to cultural memes? Caravan seems to be an interesting attempt to do just that. And the company's Co-Founder, Leonard Brody, has a history of developing celebrity aligned brands. Caravan, not surprisingly, is partially backed by talent powerhouse CAA.
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