• Rent-A-TRON: Enterprise Hitches a Ride With Disney
    Anyone paying attention to the video campaign for Marvel's latest MCU entry Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 may have noticed Enterprise Rental brand co-piloting many of these spots. And if you're visiting one of Disney's theme parks, for instance, in the coming months, and take the hair-raising TRON coaster ride, you'll see Enterprise baked into multiple stages of that experience.
  • Marketing Wearable Meds: Nufabrx Sells the Science
    Nufabrx specializes in the controlled delivery of vitamin supplements and medication through clothing. Only a few years old, the product and the concept have proven wildly popular at major retail outlets like Walmart, Target, and CVS. But this is a new concept that takes some explaining. So, we explored with CMO Jason Andree how he gets consumers' heads around the idea of wearable medicine.
  • Selling Ugly: Branding With a Hint of Irony
    Since the era of fruit carts selling oranges on Main Street, marketers have known that beauty, freshness, uniformity, delectability are what sell the goods. There is a new category of sustainable food and store brands like Misfit Market and Imperfect Foods that take direct aim at these conventions with a more irony approach to food branding. Our obsession with good looks over good taste and nutrition has led to massive food waste. The Ugly Company ups the ironic branding another notch, but it is following a similar path. This dried fruit snack firm addresses the food waste problem by "upcycling" …
  • Solving for Unreliable Data: HP's Journey
    We have wrung our hands for so many years about the intrusiveness and manipulations of so-called "surveillance capitalism," we often forget that a lot of the data behind the digital industrial complex just, well, sucks. As HP's Global Head of Media Freddie Liversidge told last month's MediaPost Data and Programmatic Insider Summit, their audit of third party data accuracy revealed some shocking results. Much of it was just downright inaccurate, making them pay high CPMs on media with negligible results. What is a brand to do in the face of such harsh realities? Retreat, retrench and revamp the way they …
  • Time, Place, Relevance...Scale: Zelle's Out-of-Home Journey
    Zelle's Josh Fajardo did not start out as a believer in DOOH. But after the pandemic the inventory exploded, putting connected screens in enough new places that Fajardo was ready to invest. In many cases they use quirky copy atop their signature purplish palette to literally plaster the Zelle voice when and where the message made most sense.
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