• A Side of Phygital: McAlister's Upgrades the QSR Experience
    Adversity is the mother of innovation, especially if you have been a marketer in the QSR industry this past year. But as consumers flow back into eat-out mode, what online behaviors will they want to bring with them to physical dining experiences? McAlister's Deli is trying to answer that one with a new table-side ordering function in their mobile app. As we explore with Danielle Parra, Head of Marketing and Culinary, bringing tech into the on-site QSR meal ordering chain actually helps McAlister's increase and enhance personal interactions with its customers rather than circumvent the human touch.
  • Peloton Manages High Intensity Growth
    Few brands were better positioned for growth during this year of lockdowns than Peloton. The home exercise brand has reported triple digit sales gains.
  • Chipotle Doubles Down On Digital, Gamers, Values
    Chipotle was already ahead of many marketing curves that both the pandemic and social unrest accelerated in the last year. App ordering: check. Esports: check.
  • Finding Jenny: Rite-Aid Rethinks Long-Term Strategy Around LTV
    Who's Jenny? Well, she isn't Rite-Aid's traditional target consumer - that retiree who hangs around the prescription counter every other day. Director of Digital Marketing Joe Tertel says she is the brand's new target. Jenny is much younger and tasked with buying for more family and pets. It requires a revamped media strategy that connects her online and offline behaviors across store, site, apps, social media and other media. Email - that most resilient universal identifier - remains at the center of it all.
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