• Visible Leans On Its Site, Not Media, To Convert
    As brands contemplate a post-cookie future, many rely on their own site dynamics and UX to render more, deeper first-party data. But as we discussed with Visible Wireless's Digital Marketing and Analytics Team Lead, Sarah Baker, this has implications for media buying and creative strategies. Typically, a DTC like Visible would optimize media towards performance. But as Baker explained at last week's Summit, Visible made a deliberate pivot away from that approach to shift more of the conversion work away from media and to its own site and more product-focused marketing.
  • You Don't Have to Be... JewBelong's Judaism Rebranding Project
    Even a crusty, jaded critic of the advertising industry like me can be a sucker for a great ad concept like JewBelong out-of-home campaigns on New York streets.
  • Degree Partners Widely to Make 'Move Again With Degree' Message Un-Missable
    Post-pandemic marketing campaigns continue to roll out messaging that allude to lockdown experiences while underscoring a positive future focus. Grounded in pandemic and post pandemic behavior research, Rexona/Unilever's Degree deodorant brand's Move Again effort is as you'd expect from the CPG giant, a massive multimedia rollout leveraging every imaginable channel. One of their new buzzwords is "un-missable," says Kath Swallow, Global Brand VP for Rexona at Unilever. But that doesn't mean relentless TV spots and billboard coverage. As she tells Brand Insider this week, it's as much about creating critical partnerships: from a famous drag celeb to video games. It …
  • Mission's Mission: Making Produce A CPG
    If Millennials have a signature food, then surely avocados would be it. But herein lies the opportunity, says Mission Produce head of marketing and communications Denise Junqueiro. Mission is a farm-to-grocery avocado brand that is both b2b and increasingly b2c. By focusing on creative product development, especially around Millennial lifestyle needs, Mission is working a different lane of produce branding and trying to de-commoditize this trendy fruit. If like me, avocado minis or even the prospect of avocado baby food sounds even zanier than avocado toast, think again, Boomer.
  • Clif Wants The World To Move -- And To Move The World
    Post-pandemic ad campaigns are trying to thread the needle - find ways of gently alluding to the past 15 months of lockdowns, grief and social unrest, while pointing towards brighter days. Clif's "Let's Move the World" messaging wraps such a light note of return-to-normal in purposeful branding as well as a an overall theme of adventure. As Senior Director, Clif Brand Portfolio, Liza Darnell explains, it is designed for open interpretation around evolving notions of adventure, movement and social impact. In many ways, "Let's Move the World" recalls the fleeting age of the big idea but executed across a wide …
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