• Rapid Testing: Ro Takes On Covid With Segmentation and Engagement
    The telehealth company that built its brand on ED and hair loss treatment was an unlikely destination for rapid COVID tests. But by making smarter use of marketing segmentation that prioritized engagement over demographics, Ro pivoted its CRM engine towards test distribution as the Omicron variant peaked late last year. Senior Director of CRM, Amy Heir explores what the company has learned about maintaining deliverability and open rates when the spam filters, and customers, are on high alert.
  • We're All Marketers, Now: Fazoli's Data Plan
    There is an interesting lesson to Fazoli's campaign to bring customer data down closer to the main point of contact between brand and customer. To get everyone in an organization on board to help build brand, treat them more like brand marketers. Give them insights into how their work impacts customers. Most people like to think they would make great marketers. Find creative ways to empower them to do so.
  • LEGOLAND Builds a Bridge To Cognitive Diversity
    LEGOLAND Florida will be the first theme park resort destination to become a Certified Autism Center (CAC). Marketers and employers have only begun to recognize cognitive diversity. But as Kelly Hornick, Director of Marketing and Communications for LEGOLAND tells Brand Insider this week, focusing on niche constituencies is not just about serving oft-overlooked customers. These kinds of outreach have a multiplier effect far outside the initial target.
  • Experience Is Marketing: Golden Chick's Beak to Feathers Branding
    What is the use of good quality, tasty food, a great price point, even fun advertising or convenience if a restaurant's ambience and service leave customers feeling flat...or worse? Every customer touchpoint, from ad exposure to restaurant design to a waiter's attitude is part of a total customer experience that adds up to the overall impression of a brand. And this means that marketing has to be more than "marketing," a siloed practice within a company.
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