• Snackable Shopping: Zulily Looks Beyond the Flash Sale
    Many moms know Zulily as a pioneer of the online flash sale. The decade-old brand recently announced a shift in emphasis towards overall value and customer experience. So, we explored what such a pivot looks like when a brand has been so closely associated with a specific e-commerce model with Denise Jaeschke, VP of Integrated Customer Marketing. Denise has past experience on the marketing teams of both legacy brands like Starbucks and Kraft as well as a digital native like RealSelf.
  • Summer Rerun: Mass Personalization: Walgreens' Road to Customer-Level Marketing
    When Walgreens became a vital channel for the national vaccination push last year, the stakes for media reaching both old and potential customers with just the right message at just the right time and place went sky high. As Senior Director, Media Strategy & Planning Jennifer Peelle outlined recently at our Retail Summit, it called for "personalization at scale." But how to personalize every touchpoint, target and plan media according to unprecedented profile points like different levels of vaccination need or aversion? It is a remarkable tale that involved data reorganization, predictive modeling and shifting KPIs away from mere sales …
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