• Nationwide's Old Jingle Is Perfect for The New TikTok World
    You would think that in this post-mass media age of fragmentation, the old-fashioned brand jingle would not only be out of fashion, but out of reach. And yet, Nationwide's "On Your Side" seven-note ditty may be one of the last survivors of media and audience diffusion. In fact, it turns out that this old-fashioned branding device is tailor made for the short form video experiences of contemporary social feeds.
  • Wham-O's "Champagne Problem": An Embarrassment of Iconic Riches
    "Iconic" is among the most overused words in the English language right now. But in the case of childhood mainstays like the Hula Hoop, Frisbee, Hacky Sack, Super-Ball, Slip N Slide, and Boogie Board, the term has been well-earned. And back in the day, massive TV spend helped make parent company Wham-O at least as familiar to us kids as the toys themselves. But as the company celebrates its 75th anniversary, can it be more than a fun retro play to grandparents eager to share a piece of their own childhood with the next generation? Wham-O's Brand Marketing Manager Jessica …
  • Wana Have Merch?: Budtender Swag Rules in Cannabis Marketing
    Quick, hide the stash! I confess, I still have that Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers reflex about the cannabis segment. And for we aging ex-stoners, legalization took a lot of the counter-cultural fun out of it. As a nascent CPG, weed is in limbo, far beyond former infamy but just as far from mainstream legitimacy. While our professional world is a bit "cann-curious" about the marketing potential here, the cannabis industry remains so shackled by fragmented state-level regulation and national illegitimacy, its marketing remains undeveloped.
  • Junipers Need Equity, Too: Claritin Hugs A DiversiTree
    Go figure - gender equity is not just good politics and good business, but good for your sinuses, as well. According to the Claritin brand's new public education/marketing DiversiTree project, male dominance in the tree population spikes the pollen count. Reese Fitzpatrick, SVP and Marketing Head at Bayer explores the role of cause and content marketing like this in the Claritin brand's seasonal mission to "win the season."
  • On Brand: Zenni Gets More, Pays Less With In-Housing
    Zenni's Senior Director, Performance Marketing Dennis Maxwell has nothing against agencies, so don't take this personally. One of the things I liked about his presentation about their in-housing experience is his willingness to dig into the nuts and bolts of the process, the risk and rewards and the timelines involved. It provided an opportunity to rethink their allocations and overall media strategy aimed at growth. It is a great example of how in-housing is not just a matter of in-housing.
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