• A Brand Just For You: FullBeauty's Plus-Sized Portfolio
    Fullbeauty is an apparel company with a legacy that goes back over 120 years. Some of you may associate its original name, Lane Bryant, with a familiar retail footprint and a century old mail order catalog. The company was omni-channel long before we called it that and has always had a strong acquisition strategy. It includes the mail focused King Size brand and most recently Eloquii.
  • Inflation, Fragmentation, Misinformation, Oh My!: General Mills' Modernized Media Plan
    It is hard to name a company identified with wholesome comfort food traditions more than General Mills. They are of course responsible for some of the iconic brands of the last century, and this one - from Cheerios to Betty Crocker, Green Giant to Pillsbury and Yoplait.
  • Michaels Redoes the Boat to Rise Above a Sea of Sameness
    Michaels has been a mainstay retailer in the hobby, crafting and decor space for half a century, but it is in the middle of its own DIY redo. At our August Brand Insider Summit, CMO Amanda Rassi explored the company's major rebranding effort to future-proof against a brand blindness in the category dominated by discount promotions and couponing. With over 1300 stores, this entails a lot of change and redesign work. But we were so impressed by the ways in which Mandy and her team meticulously thought through every bit of detail and trim of this makeover we wanted to …
  • Geoffrey's Comeback Tour: Toys"R"Us Rethinks Retail
    The storied toy store suffered one of the highest profile retailer bankruptcies in recent times and closed all of its iconic US outlets in 2021. But in the last year, Toys"R"Us reemerged in every Macy's location in the US. The emotional tug of this brand remains strong and marketable. The touring Geoffrey has been known to make grown men cry, says Kim Miller, Global Chief Marketing Officer.
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