• Marketing Peter Piper's Bigger Pie
    To understand the marketing challenge for Peter Piper Pizza, it is important to know that their physical locations are enormous. It is not just booths and pizza ovens. As CMO Genaro Perez explained at last week's MediaPost Brand Insider Summit: QSR, they run several different businesses out of this plant. We explored with Genaro how the brand builds these different market targets and goals into a pie that is larger than the sum of its slices.
  • Just Friends?: Good Feet's Doug Zarkin Offers Brand Love Advice
    Do consumers really "love" their brands? According to Havas' ongoing Meaningful Brands surveys, most of us believe that three quarters of the brands we use could be easily replaced tomorrow. So what does this "brand love" mean, really? Longtime brand leader at Luxottica's Pearle Vision, and newly installed Chief Brand Officer at Good Feet Holdings Doug Zarkin has been thinking hard on the topic and even wrote a book. Moving Your Brand Out of the Friend Zone came out last month just two days after he was named CBO at Good Feet. He joined us this week on Brand Insider …
  • FanDuel Doubles Down on Differentiation
    The betting apps have been carpet-bombing every imaginable media channel for years. Many of them have deep VC-filled pockets that are buying up every nook and cranny of CTV terrain especially. Can anyone distinguish among all of these competitors and make any sense of the white noise they have created on our TV screens?
  • The Hungry Girl Menu Still Sees Email As the Main Dish
    Hungry Girl is one of the most enduring email newsletters online. Founder Lisa Lillian was a "social influencer" doing "native advertising" before we had digital labels for either. She reflects on more than 20 years of zigs and zags that keep leading back to the essential, enduring power of the in-box.
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