• Beyond 'Hands And Pans': McCormick Videos Help Solve Lockdown Loneliness
    During lockdowns, having a friendly face from McCormick's own team make do with what was in her own kitchen counted for a lot.
  • Can D2C Go Facebook-Free?: JibJab Takes The Boycott Test
    "We're using this time to learn attribution methods and what Facebook advertising actually drives... and see what other channels we could try."
  • The Empathy Metric: PepsiCo Foodservice Checks In On How We're Feeling
    Scott Finlow and team worked on how one of the world's largest CPGs could offer genuine help, instead of lip service, during pandemic.
  • Purple Pitches 'Craveability': Finding Those Touchable Mattress Moments
    The D2C Bed-in-a-Box category has gotten very cluttered, so Purple is trying to brand its way out of the pack by highlighting its innovations.
  • Gravity Blankets Finds A 'Quaranteam' Studio With Weighty Results
    In just a few years, Gravity Blankets has not only created a new category, but has become the generic tag for it as well.
  • P&G Goes Native: D2C Deodorant Tests New Paths To Brand Building
    When P&G acquired the all-natural deodorant brand Native in 2017, it saw more there than a hip, pricey deodorant for the tree-hugger demo.
  • Ferrero And The Great Chocolate Search Of 2020
    The company's ecommerce partners became critical for maintaining sales as strung-out chocoholics scrambled for their comfort fix.
  • With Influencers And OTT, Tula's Strategy Soothes The Savage Sales Crisis
    The company's online sales even made up for its lost brick-and-mortar sales at premium retailers like Ulta.
  • Ro Learns To Sell Telehealth By Not Selling Telehealth
    It is hard to imagine a category more relevant to consumers during a pandemic crisis than telehealth.
  • Live From Aisle 3: Grocery Outlet Walks The 'Here For You' Walk
    Store managers at many of its 350 independently owned stores hit Facebook Live in the morning to give real-time reports on what essential goods were coming off the delivery truck palettes. Just one case where Grocery Outlet zigged when others zagged in response to the crisis.
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