• SmileDirect Aligns Brand/Performance Mix With Every Video Screen
    SmileDirect has a lot of explaining to do. The maverick D2C smile straightening product is a long, involved sell, where leads can take up to two years to convert. And so CMO John Sheldon is expanding mindshare on every TV, CTV, Social video screen that can tell a good video story. It is a big brand play that remains anchored in D2C obsession with performance, by keeping CPMs tethered to the bottom line.
  • Show-And-Tell And Sell: Pour Moi Has Breaking News for TV Advertisers
    Founder and CEO of climate-oriented skincare Pour Moi, Ulli Haslacher, has always been a show-and-tell marketing purist. She built the D2C brand via shopping channel appearances. And she is a walking demo herself - keeping one hand treated with traditional products and the other moisturized with a Pour Moi mixture tuned to her current climate. But during the pandemic, Ulli turned the limitations of remote video to an advantage by marketing Pour Moi into countless local TV news segments.
  • From Cheerios to Weed: TREC Plans Pot's CPG Future
    Branding breakfast is not that far removed from marketing a better cannabis buzz.
  • LaRue 1680 Serves Up The Cure For A Rough 2020: How About Some Tea?
    After a year of pandemic and social unrest, America could use a cup of India Street Vanilla Chai, preferably served in a single- serve ceramic pot and cup combo. Business coach and serial entrepreneur Stephanie Synclair's second D2C startup, LaRue 1680, launched in October fueled in part by her existing social media base of followers. But then, Bridgerton happened, and Netflix's hit period, softcore series seems to find time for a lot of tea between those infamous trysts.
  • Helix: A D2C Uncovers the ROI of CRM and LTV
    Helix Sleep has refocused a lot of the data-driven strategy to LTV and launched several new brands, among them the AllForm sofas.
  • Truman's: A Sustainable D2C Brand Needs a Sustainable Model
    Alex Reed, co-founder and CMO of D2C cleaning product brand Truman's, is one of the only marketers to give an honest and nuanced answer to my cynicism about "brand love." He gets it. There really is no love lost between most of us and the spray we use to clean our counter top. Nevertheless, Truman's is trying to build a different kind of CPG relationship with consumers without ad-bombing Instagram.
  • The HaHa Ratio: Anti-Trump Advertising Followed the Emoji Metric
    Tara McGowan, founder and CEO of nonprofit ACRONYM, says Democrats regained the mantle of digital innovators in this cycle.
  • Got Values?: GOT BAG Bakes Meaning Into the Model
    "Values-based" branding is the sort of good intention that marketers can quickly exploit and wring of any remaining drop of authenticity. The German startup GOT BAG, founded four years ago by two surfing buddies who were dismayed by the ocean plastic blight, recycles this refuse into backpacks. Head of North America Matthias Paisdzior tells us this week, the company's connection to cleaning up the oceans runs much deeper than simple recycling.
  • Pier 1 Trades Bricks for Clicks As D2C Pure Play
    After the chain's closure, new owner REV had only weeks to turn the brick-and-mortar experience into Web pages and buy buttons.
  • Publishers Clearinghouse: Respect Privacy, Break Rules, Embrace Ugly
    No one ever accused Publishers Clearinghouse promotions of being understated. Those famously garish sweepstakes mailings were paint-factory explosions of entry forms, stamps to apply, subscription offers and giveaways. But they worked then, and they work now in their digital extensions. version. PCH VP of Digital Operations and Compliance, Sal Tripi, explains how ugly can be good when it is also relevant and entertaining.
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