• Haven Life: MassMutual's D2C Policy Covers Millennial Change
    Trust is everything in financial services, and in insurance especially longevity matters. And yet many legacy brands have launched D2C spin-offs like MassMutual's Haven Life, which targets married Millennials with a life insurance model that bypasses the usual agent/broker channel. Building a fresh, nimble D2C image while pointing towards 150-year-old stability is the hat trick for these brands. But as Brand Director Adam Weinberg tells us this week, Haven Life aspires to change the conversation around life insurance. Think confetti and hero moments rather than the end-of life euphemisms insurance ads have used for generations.
  • Fazoli's Optimizes the New Off-Premise QSR Experience
    The brand was quick to recognize that off-premise is not just a channel but an experience just as important as dining in.
  • 'B2B Marketing Is Dead': NI Rebrands In D2C Style
    The dry, tech- and text-heavy approach to B2B marketing takes several pages from the D2C playbook in NI's deep rebrand.
  • Dashlane Says The Secret Word, Finds Value In A Super Bowl Buy
    Going into its big ad buy at the 2020 Super Bowl, password and security manager Dashlane knew that one shot of exposure wasn't enough.
  • Beachbody Works Media Muscle To Take On High- And Low-End Competition
    The pandemic, lockdowns and health worry helped double the company's membership and activity in short order. CEO Carl Daikeler explains.
  • Good Man Brand Optimizes For ROSI (Return On Social Investment)
    From its founding in 2016, the company aimed to grow social capital --- and now social impact is a central part of its model.
  • Beyond 'Hands And Pans': McCormick Videos Help Solve Lockdown Loneliness
    During lockdowns, having a friendly face from McCormick's own team make do with what was in her own kitchen counted for a lot.
  • Can D2C Go Facebook-Free?: JibJab Takes The Boycott Test
    "We're using this time to learn attribution methods and what Facebook advertising actually drives... and see what other channels we could try."
  • The Empathy Metric: PepsiCo Foodservice Checks In On How We're Feeling
    Scott Finlow and team worked on how one of the world's largest CPGs could offer genuine help, instead of lip service, during pandemic.
  • Purple Pitches 'Craveability': Finding Those Touchable Mattress Moments
    The D2C Bed-in-a-Box category has gotten very cluttered, so Purple is trying to brand its way out of the pack by highlighting its innovations.
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