• 'Direct' Isn't Enough To Make Us Love Clothes Again
    Despite all the hoopla over D2C brands, retail sales of clothing fell 24%, the worst month since the recession of 2008.
  • Amazon Goes After Stitch Fix
    It just announced Personal Shopper by Prime Wardrobe -- which, like Stitch Fix, sends subscribers a curated box of clothing choices every month.
  • D2C Vs. Demographics: Winning The Diaper Derby
    "We were spending $180 a month or so on diapers, which seemed nuts. And the subscription model made sense," says Abby & Finn cofounder.
  • The Sharp Sword Of Super Influencers
    "Earned media and public relations coverage is more influential for D2C brands," says Satya Menon, managing partner, ROI Practice, Kantar.
  • From Sludge To Nudge: Why Brands Need A Frustration Audit
    Many D2C brands succeed because they help eliminate the pain points or friction that behavioral economists simply call sludge.
  • With New Stores, Saatva Spells Out Success Formula
    Founded in 2011, mattress seller Saatva is not only a long-term survivor, it's profitable.
  • Airbnb: A Digital Pioneer Ages Gracefully
    Airbnb announced a dramatic increase in its luxury travel offerings -- and a campaign to "bridge generational divides within the LGBTQ+ community."
  • As D2C Broadens, Analysts Zero In On Success Factors
    "We believe the most successful D2C brands are ones that offer the most disruption vs. the status quo," says one report.
  • How Many Stores Does A Digital Brand Need?
    Does opening more stores -- which usually means sinking considerable cash into pricey rents, long-term leases and inventory -- make financial sense?
  • Secret To D2C Brands' Allure? Outspending Everyone Else
    And yes, they've noticed those radically outsized budgets make profits (ostensibly, the reason companies are in business) kind of impossible.
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