• Behind Fila's Move To Content-Rich Personalization
    As more retailers close their doors, Fila finds that "selling direct needs to become the main character in the story now."
  • Farfetch Gains On Luxury 'Paradigm Shift' To Ecommerce
    "What we are seeing is the acceleration of the secular trend of online adoption in luxury -- an industry that is still very under-penetrated," says CEO.
  • Freshly CEO: Feeding The I-Hate-To-Cook Consumer
    Freshly CEO Michael Wystrach tells D2C FYI how consumers are changing, and what the merger with Nestle means.
  • Zulily Celebrates Mom, The Mrs. Claus Of Our Lives
    "Especially this year, with all the hats she's wearing, we wanted a campaign that recognizes and appreciates Mom," says Zulily's Megan Marshall.
  • Quip Expands With Move To Walmart, More Products
    The Walmart launch includes electric toothbrushes for adults in both metal and plastic, kids' brushes and toothpaste, and an eco-friendly refillable floss string.
  • Bra-less Forever? Frankly Targets New Fashion Angle
    Frankly plans to make clothes with built-in bras that are fully supportive, including bodysuits functional enough to wear to work.
  • Will Consumers Fall Back In Love With DNA Testing?
    Privacy concerns are growing, which is probably part of the reason interest is cooling.
  • Bloomscape Readies Move Into Outdoor Plants
    The Detroit-based houseplant company also announced the acquisition of Vera, a plant-care app that provides content and troubleshooting.
  • Warby Parker Spends Most On TV Ads, Health Brands Beef Up Buys
    CNN is the favorite ad buy, with more than double the revenue of either Fox News or MSNBC.
  • In Biggest Campaign Ever, Harry's 'Not The Same' Celebrates Independent Thinkers
    The campaign stars a handful of glorious nonconformists hot-tubbing in the back of a pickup truck, happily toting a standard poodle, etc.
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