• As D2C Broadens, Analysts Zero In On Success Factors
    "We believe the most successful D2C brands are ones that offer the most disruption vs. the status quo," says one report.
  • How Many Stores Does A Digital Brand Need?
    Does opening more stores -- which usually means sinking considerable cash into pricey rents, long-term leases and inventory -- make financial sense?
  • Secret To D2C Brands' Allure? Outspending Everyone Else
    And yes, they've noticed those radically outsized budgets make profits (ostensibly, the reason companies are in business) kind of impossible.
  • In Latest Twist, Avon -- The Original D2C Brand -- Finds New Relevance
    Natura & Co, a Brazilian beauty company, is acquiring Avon -- which got me thinking about why direct sales matter more than ever.
  • Shopify's Master Plan? Vacant Storefronts, TV Ads
    As company looks to move to its next level of growth, it is following the D2C trend toward mainstream advertising.
  • The Circular Economy's Fashion Moment Arrives
    Established brands -- especially luxury ones -- no longer shy away from ideas that could potentially cannibalize sales of new clothing.
  • As Seen On TV: Does D2C Spending Mean Good Vibes, Or Bad Omen?
    Thanks to a flurry of expensive ad buys, old-school TV viewers haven't been able to escape the D2C onslaught led by brands like Peloton, Casper and Noom.
  • Will Taboo Topics Help VCs Warm Up To Women's Brands?
    Consider Postwell, which sends gift boxes to women who've just given birth, filled with products like nursing pads and heavy-duty sanitary products.
  • The Secret Of D2C Powerhouses? Equality, Intelligence, Honesty
    D2C success is perhaps less about products and business models, and more about a fundamentally different consumer.
  • Making Digital Edible: Hungryroot Pops Up For Real-Life Challenge
    "We want to know how customers behave differently in stores, and what we can learn in real life," says D2C brand Hungryroot.
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