• In New Campaign, Shopify Cheers For Independents
    The ads, from agency R/GA, highlight more than 330 businesses on Shopify, using some 2,000 of their products.
  • Hanes Redefines 'Model Citizen' For A D2C World
    Hanes is one of those traditional brands that is soaring on D2C efforts.
  • As D2C Broadens, Analysts Zero In On Success Factors
    "We believe the most successful D2C brands are ones that offer the most disruption vs. the status quo," says one report.
  • Are All Disruptor Execs Dirt Bags?
    Top execs at some D2C brands received scalding exposes this year.
  • Beauty Brands Winning Through Experiential Marketing
    Brands are using tactics like tutorials, before-and-after experiences and consumer-driven conversations.
  • Tracking Consumers' Changing Views on D2C Brands
    "The lines between D2C and regular retail continue to blur," says Kate Ryan, managing director at a company researching trends in this market.
  • What The Peloton Backlash Says About The D2C Universe
    Why had my first reaction to the ad been "meh," when so many right-thinking Twitter wags were screaming?
  • Denim's Race For Best Digital Fit
    Denim is on the verge of digital fit breakthroughs, and D2C thinking is leading the way.
  • D2Cs: Faster Than Legacy Brands, But Surprisingly Traditional
    More than three-quarters of D2C founders say their company can go from idea to market in six months or less.
  • Beardbrand Looks For Wisdom In Whiskers
    So many D2C companies are linked to body hair. We asked Eric Bandholz, founder of Beardbrand, why the beard obsession continues.
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