Daily Online Examiner Editions for March 2015
Daily Online Examiner - Tuesday, March 31, 2015
Mississippi AG's Demands For Information Likely Violated Google's Rights, Judge Rules
FTC's McSweeny Reminds Advertisers To Disclose Paid Endorsements
Do You Want to Shop Where They Analyze Your Eye Movements?
Google Argues Parents Can't Proceed With Class-Action Over In-App Purchases
Why The Ad Industry Needs To Go On A Cookie Diet
Ad Lawyers' Predictions: Data Will Be King, Disclaimers Will Disappear
Lessons From The Savviest Facebook Senators
A&E, Lifetime Withhold Some Programs From Sling TV
Report: Facebook's Tracking Cookies Violate EU Law
Google Undercuts Connectivity In AT&T Competing Cities
Charter Communications Snaps Up Bright House Networks For $10B
Hillary Clinton Used Email on Her iPad, Despite Claims She Only Used a Blackberry
Daily Online Examiner - Monday, March 30, 2015
FCC To Consider Privacy Protections For Broadband Users
Verizon Urges Congress To Regulate Broadband
Big Data Analytics And Fitbit May Find Their Way Into Courtrooms
Whipclip Lets Users Share Clips from TV Shows, Legally
Smartphone User Presses Claim That Android IDs Can Identify Users
Morals in Advertising: Paleo Blogger Does Voiceover Work For Coca-Cola and KFC
Clypd Adds TiVo Data To Programmatic TV Platform
Senator Questions FTC's Antitrust Investigation Of Google
Meerkat May Be Heading Into 'Legal Minefield'
House Committee Chairman Challenges Clinton on Deleted Emails
Mattel Making Wi-Fi-Enabled Barbie
Experts Warn of More Payments Fraud
Daily Online Examiner - Friday, March 27, 2015
Vacationers Must Face Lawsuit For Violating 'House Rule' Banning Reviews
Pay-Per-Click Marketers Aim To Revive Class-Action Against Facebook
Google Can't Shake Safari-Hack Lawsuit In U.K.
TV Everywhere Makes Gains, iPad Viewing Most Popular
Net Neutrality Advocates Warn Of 'Specialized Services' Loophole
FCC Head: Open Internet Rules Advance Interests Of Millions Of Web Users
Hispanic Coalition Demands More Hispanics On TV Political Shows
What The Wha? What Is Apple TV Anyway?
Facebook To Test Massive Drone
Whatsapp Overtakes Text Messaging
BBC Uses Facebook To Skirt Repression
Mobile Makes Millennials Smarter Car Shoppers, And Faster With The Thumbs
Google Fiber Ads Vs. Facebook Audiences
Daily Online Examiner - Thursday, March 26, 2015
Comcast Critics Blast 'See-You-In-Court Attitude'
LinkedIn Settles Battle Over Email Invites
Tech Companies Ask White House To End NSA Surveillance
Anonymity And Privacy
For Cord-Cutters Prime Time Is, Well, Prime Time
U.K. Company Says Facebook Stole Data-Center Design Technique
The Truth About Location-Based Mobile Advertising
FTC Defends Decision Not To Prosecute Google
ESPN To Launch TV DMP: Will Enable Brands To Target Audiences, Not Ratings
Montana DOJ Now Sending Email Alerts to Citizens When Sex Offenders Move Into the Neighborhood
Hacker Takes Tinder Users For A Ride
Daily Online Examiner - Wednesday, March 25, 2015
FCC's Ajit Pai: Competition 'Best Tonic' To Blocking By Broadband Providers
Apple, Developers Must Face Privacy Lawsuit Over Address-Book Uploads
Facebook Introduces New Analytics For Apps
Unruly's New Targeting Tech Predicts Audience Emotions
Magnetic Receives U.S. Patent For Programmatic Search Retargeting
Comcast's Merger With Time Warner In Limbo Until Middle Of Year
U.S. Broadband Speeds Show Increase
What Did Google Pay To Have Near-Weekly White House Meetings?
White House Names First Chief Digital Officer
Is Nextdoor.com Hotbed Of Racial Profiling?
Neighborhood Association's Email Mistake Fires Up Community
Social Media: Yes, The Starbucks Thing Was A Bad Idea
Mozilla Firefox Replaces Google In Turkey
Daily Online Examiner - Tuesday, March 24, 2015
Net Neutrality Battle Moves To Courts
Consumer Comments: What's Their Real Worth -- And Effect?
Mississippi AG Appeals Order Blocking Google Investigation
U.S. Elections Could Shape These Industries Differently Than Others
FCC's Ajit Pai Urges Congress To Take Away Funds For Net Neutrality Enforcement
Texas AG Challenges RadioShack Plan To Auction Off Email Addresses
Google To Roll Out Fiber To Salt Lake City
Maurice Levy Labels European Referendum 'Very Dangerous'
NFL Airs Net-Only Game To Test TV Platform
Google's New CFO Comes From Wall Street
Amazon's Online Gaming Site Twitch Emails Users About Security Breach
Daily Online Examiner - Monday, March 23, 2015
FTC Creates New Office To Examine Internet Of Things, Big Data, Other Emerging Tech
Lawmakers Set To Unveil Student Privacy Bill
One In Three Americans Changed Online Behavior Because Of Surveillance
DraftKings Told To Revise Web Boasts
Record Companies Take Aim At Free Music Streaming
When Behavior Becomes The Main Signal In One-On-One Targeting
Twitter Facing Discrimination Suit
Real Time Data is Key to Getting Email Right: Adobe
OpenX Opens New Front On Fraud, Takes Battle To User's Browser
Google Fiber TV Ad Trials Test Real-Time Data
Twitter, Foursquare Team For Location-Based Expansion
Daily Online Examiner - Friday, March 20, 2015
HBO Doesn't Want Streaming Video To Count Against Data Caps
FTC Decision About Google Complicated By Competing Staff Reports
App Security Fairly Well Blows, IBM Finds
European Lawmaker Says 2012 FTC Report Bolsters Antitrust Case Against Google
Chat To Your CIO About Customer Data Security Or Face A 100m Euro Fine -- The Choice Is Yours
Cable One Can't Shake NebuAd Privacy Case
Advocacy Group Calls For FTC To Reopen Google Investigation
Twitter Claims May Will See First 'Twitter Election'
LinkedIn Debuts Job Search App
FTC Closed Antitrust Case Against Google Despite Negative Staff Report
Ugly Mail Allows Users to See When Their Emails Are Being Tracked
White House Taps Facebook Engineer As IT Director
Turning Journalists Into Yahoos
What Will New Legislation Mean For Marketers -- And When?
Daily Online Examiner - Thursday, March 19, 2015
Republicans Blast FCC's 'Politically Motivated' Net Neutrality Rules
FTC Staff Reportedly Wanted To Bring Antitrust Case Against Google
Pearson Monitored Students' Social Media To Detect Cheating
Two To 'One,' AOL Platform Now Targets Facebook And Twitter Users
Microsoft's GroupMe Faces Appeal In Text-Spam Case
Google, Bing Analyze March Madness Behavior To Make Predictions
Comcast-Time Warner Merger Faces More Delays
GOP's Net Neutrality Bill Won't Gain Democratic Support Without Changes
Blocking Traffic From Spam Referral Sites
California AG Admits Using Personal Email Address at Work to Forward Articles
Facebook Facing Discrimination Suit
Apple Forging Ahead With Programmatic Plans
Daily Online Examiner - Wednesday, March 18, 2015
TRUSTe Finalizes Settlement With FTC
The Right To Be Forgotten Is 'Complete Disaster,' Law Prof Says
Yahoo Opposes Class-Action In Email Privacy Battle
Lack of Data, Effective Marketing Hurt Brand Growth In Africa
Premium Publishers Including Guardian, Reuters, FT Launch Programmatic Alliance
Righthaven Is Defunct, But Legacy Survives
Radio Broadcasters Want To Disclose Paid Sponsorships Online
Experts @SXSW Ask If Privacy By Design Makes A Company More Likeable
How Brands Can Avoid The Legal Pitfalls Of UGC Marketing
Federal Agencies Do Not Have Standardized Email Policy
Apple Plans Its Own Content Service
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