Digital News Daily Editions for August 2023
Digital News Daily - Friday, Aug. 18, 2023
Adalytics Exec Advises YouTube Advertisers To Assess Potential Exposure To Kids' Privacy Issues
Google Faces Calls For Investigation Into Children's Privacy
TikTok Now Banned On All NYC Government Devices
Instagram Tests Multi-Advertiser Ads Display For Reels
U.S. CTV Ad Spend Exceeds $1B-Per-Month Milestone
tvScientific Bows Cost-Per-Outcome CTV Ad Buying
New Shoppable Video Ads Expand Local Retailer Buying Options
Microsoft Adds AI Data Clause To Terms And Conditions
Betting The NFL Season: Even Stronger Sports Gambling TV Ad Spend?
Streamed Programming Grows 'Stickier' Among TV Viewers
Ad Industry Urges California Lawmakers To Reject New Data Broker Bill
Product Placement Rates Higher Than Ads For Half Of Consumers
Agencies Seen As Lucrative M&A Targets
Microsoft Shares Secrets Behind How Bing Improves Site Performance
Google DeepMind Testing Personal Life AI Tools
Actor Gets $0.81 Residual Check For Original NBCU Episode On Streaming
Who's Still Watching TV?
Lots Of Losers In An Opaque CTV Ad World
Target Sued Over Pride Campaign, DEI Policy
Experts Weigh In On How To Use Generative AI In Marketing
Digital News Daily - Thursday, Aug. 17, 2023
Google Must Face Claims It Overcharged Pay-Per-Click Advertisers, Judge Rules
Study: Retail Budgets Are Flat, With Declines In Digital Spending
OpenAI: GPT-4 Could Revolutionize Content Moderation
Brands Shifting Media Buys Into Product Placement, Study Finds
YouTube, Hasbro, Others Press Judge To Toss Lawsuit Over Children's Privacy
Threat Report Finds Malvertising Accelerating Due To Weak Ad Market
Study Debunks Social Media, Finds Face-To-Face Dominates Brand Conversations, Albeit Politically
AP Bans Use Of AI For Creating Stories Or Art
YouTube's Music Discovery Feature Takes On The TikTok Feed
Amazon Expands Sponsored Products Ads To Pinterest, BuzzFeed, Others
Clicks And Click-To-Opens Rose In The First Half, Study Finds
Digital Travel Sales Forecast To Surpass $300B In 2024, Search A Major Ad Contributor
Disney, WBD, Paramount Maintain Top Spots For Original TV, Movie Content Demand
MikMak Acquires ChannelAdvisor's Shoppable Media, Brand Analytics Product Lines
New AI Tool Can Determine If Press Releases Are Newsworthy, Firm Claims
Turns Out X Actually Is A Much Healthier And Safer Platform -- If You're A Nazi
Digital News Daily - Wednesday, Aug. 16, 2023
X Throttled Traffic To Sites Of Some Rivals, News Brands: Report
Microsoft Advertiser Identity Verification Takes On New Policy
Financial Regulator To Propose New Restrictions On Data Brokers
Judge Inclined To Require Meta To Face Lawsuit Over Health Data
Programmatic Information Gap Due To A Shift To A Supply Side-Dominated Ad Industry
TikTok Celebrates Black Business Month With New Webinar Series
Pay-TV's Sub Losses Slowed In Q2
FreeWheel's Beeswax, Direct Digital Partner To Expand Multicultural Reach
Google SGE While Browsing Added To Search Generative Experience
Optimove Adds SMS To Its Marketing Toolkit
What People Are Watching On TV These Days (Hint: It Increasingly Is Not TV)
How Canada Is Killing Its News Industry
The Spectre Of AI: Firms Are Wary Even As They Invest
Netflix's Expansive Move Into Gaming: Is It The Right One? Go Click
BrightEdge Co-Founder Becomes Executive Chairman And Appoints New CEO
Stagwell's Assembly Launches European Retail Media Division
OpenAI Says GPT Can Be Used For Content Moderation
Digital News Daily - Tuesday, Aug. 15, 2023
YouTube Tests Anti-Ad-Blocker With Countdown Timer
Florida And Texas Content-Moderation Restrictions Unconstitutional, DOJ Says
CTV Platform Samsung Ads Launches Digital OOH
A Non-Linear TV First: Tops 50% Share Of Viewing In July
Netflix Now Testing Games On CTVs, Computers
Google, YouTube Wizardry Should Make Marketers 'Look Behind The Curtain'
Peacock Live Sports Content To Stream In Public Venues
'The New York Times' Prohibits Scraping Of Its Content For AI Training
Amazon Drives Higher Prime Day Sales With Fewer Linear TV Ads
McMahon Rises To CEO At CBS News, Stations, CBS Media Ventures
Use Of Non-TV Features Growing On Smart TV Sets
Turing AI Claims Increase In Metrics Since Refining Its ABM Strategy
Experian Violated Can-Spam Law, FTC Charges
Paris Hilton Invites Her Fans To 'Sliv Together' In New Roblox Fan World
Telegram Turns 10, Stories Feature Goes Global
Smack The Hack: Email Security Vendor Accused Of Exposing Addresses
Instagram Tests Lyrics Feature For Reels In New Regions
Coca-Cola Creates Web3 Art Gallery With 'Masterpiece' NFT Collection
Overstock's Renaming As Bed, Bath: Best Rebrand Of All Time?
Digital News Daily - Monday, Aug. 14, 2023
Dentsu Reports Sequentially Lower Q2 Growth, Cites Tech And Financial Slowdowns
News Corp: 50%+ Of Revenue Now Digital, AI To Drive Future Growth
Google Warns Against 'Content Pruning' As CNET Deletes Pages To Improve SEO
Half Of U.S. Linear Households Saw Just 8% Of TV Ads In 1H
Washington State Political Ad Disclosure Law Unconstitutional, Tech Groups Say
Women's FIFA Ads Outpull Men's Tournament's On Impact Ratings
Streaming TV Marketing Slows Due To Strikes, Less New Programs, Cost-Saving Issues
After 4 Weeks, 'Barbenheimer' Remain Top 2 Box-Office Films
Amazon Advancing AWS, Ads, Search Businesses
X Lowers Requirements Of Ad Creator Revenue-Share Program
Montana TikTok Ban Violates App Stores' Rights, Tech Industry Argues
Chatbots: Traffic For Newcomers Up 11.2% While Others Stall, As Companies Ban Use
YouTube Ups Monetization Of Traffic, Links From Shorts To Long-Form Videos
U.S. Lags China, India With Plans To Implement GAI In 2024, Study Finds
Instagram Partners With Olivia Rodrigo For New Music Post Feature
Brand Traits Have Greater Effect On Sales Than Ad Reach
What QSRs Should Be Prioritizing Now
Back To The Broadcast Future: TV Stations Want To Air Local Sports
How GPT Will Power Email And CRM
Digital News Daily - Friday, Aug. 11, 2023
FTC Health Privacy Regulations Could Address Dark Patterns, Universal Opt-Out Tool
Reruns' Share Of Ad Spend Leaps Due To Strikes
Disney To Start Crackdown On Password-Sharing In 2024
Linear TV Prime-Time Upfront Shrinks 5%, CTV Expands 31%
X CEO Yaccarino Backs Rebrand, New Features, 'Client Council' Return
Meta Seeks New Hearing In Battle Over Former Ad-Targeting Options
Media Groups Sign Open Letter On AI Use
Instreamatic Intros Contextual CTV Ads Platform For Audio
Tapestry Buys Michael Kors, Versace For $8.5B
Ad Frequency Overload Becomes Defining Challenge In CTV Ad World
The AI Pie: Tech And Finance Teams Most Likely To See Spending Hikes
YouTube Adds New And Returning Viewer Report
Amazon Cuts Dozens Of Its Private Label Brands
Digital News Daily - Thursday, Aug. 10, 2023
Disney+, Hulu See 'Lower Advertising,' Rising Subscription Prices
Google, Microsoft, OpenAI To Help Developers Use AI To Find, Fix Software Vulnerabilities
YouTube Changes 'In-Stream' Ad Format Name Amid Google Placement Controversy
Advertisers Losing $6.6B To Bid Shading
The Trade Desk Sees Q2 Revenue Soar 23%, More CTV Growth
Novacap Acquires Converged TV Platform Cadent
What TikTok's Ecommerce Leap Means For Marketers
Household Share Dominance Of Netflix, Amazon, Hulu Is Declining: Survey
ANA Opposes FTC's Proposed Rules For Health Information
NewsGuard Begins Rating CTV, OTT News Channels
Patreon Podcasters Can Now Upload Exclusive Content To Spotify
Streaming Viewers Have Other Plans If Hollywood's Strikes Crimp New Shows
'Hamilton' Enters The Metaverse
New TikTok Fulfillment Program Pushes In-App Shopping In The UK
Supreme Court Won't Force Apple To Immediately Allow In-App Payment Options
New Tool Determines Whether Email Attacks Were Generated By AI
Are SMBs Up To AI? Only A Quarter Are Using It, But More Want To Try
Why Aren't Brands, Agencies Taking Full Advantage Of All OOH Has To Offer?
Companies Want To Ban ChatGPT Over Privacy, Reputational Concerns
Amazon Plans 2nd Set Of Prime Days For October
Digital News Daily - Wednesday, Aug. 9, 2023
X Seizes User's @Music Handle To Prep For Music Industry Expansion
Disney Upfront Completed, 'In Line' With Year-Ago Volume
Online Prices Fell 1.6% Overall In July, But Apparel Rose: Adobe
20% Of Streaming Video Subs Globally Are Through Telco Bundles
Criteo Reveals It 'Leverages' Twice As Much Ecommerce Data As Amazon To Target
UM Unveils 'Shoptimizer,' Industry-First Retail Media Optimizer
ESPN Strikes $2B Branding Deal For 'ESPN Bet' Sportsbook
Nvidia Unveils AI Chip As It Builds On Its Partnerships With Ad Agencies
Generative AI Bots Continue Spewing False Narratives, Audit Finds
WPP, Optimizely Enter Global DXP Partnership
Google Must Face Claims That It Tracked 'Incognito' Users
Google, Universal Music Reportedly In Talks To Negotiate AI Voice Deal
WhatsApp Launches Screen-Sharing On Video Calls
Republicans Urge Court To Ban White House From Contacting Social Media
Retail Media Networks Are Most Effective With Ads For Deals
How To Reap The Rewards Of Loyalty Programs: Q&A With Thanx CEO Zach Goldstein
Brands Grapple With Media-Mix Strategies As 2023 Ticks On
How AI Can Help Brands Create Stronger CTAs
Digital News Daily - Tuesday, Aug. 8, 2023
OpenAI Releases GPTBot Web Crawler That Marketers Can Block
Paramount Narrows D2C Losses, Revenue Up 21%, Linear TV Ads Down 10%
California Appeals Order Delaying Enforcement Of New Privacy Regulations
KKR To Acquire Simon & Schuster For $1.62B
Microsoft Bing To Offer AI-Powered Third-Party Browser Support
Stagwell Slumps in Q2, Reduces 2023 Growth Outlook To No More Than 2%
Stagwell's Penn: We're Beginning To See A Return To Normal
Walmart Testing In-Store Ads, Demos
Nexstar Q2 Core Advertising Down 2%, TV Group Turns $153 Million Profit, The CW Loses $87M
Fox Corp. Says National TV Ad Market Improving In Q3
Advocates For Journalists Urge Judge To Block Montana TikTok Ban
TikTok Launches Live 'Gimme The Mic' Talent Competition
Nexxen Partners With Lumen On Omnichannel Attention Measurement
WhatsApp Tests 32-Person Voice Chat Feature
Google Urges Gmail Users To Sign Up For Enhanced Safe Browser
Roku's Long-Term Ad Growth Prospects - With Big Competition Coming?
AI Goes To Market: Email Senders See Issues, But Most Are Believers
Follow The Dollars: 3 Surprising Trends In Ecommerce This Year
Digital News Daily - Monday, Aug. 7, 2023
TikTok's Upcoming Ad Product Bypasses Privacy Regulations
U.S. Credit Rating Downgrade: How It Affects Advertising
Google Must Face Antitrust Claims Over Search Agreements
X Delays Creator Ad Revenue Sharing Payments, Cites Unexpected Demand
ChatGPT Site Traffic Continues To Fall Worldwide
Planned Netflix Cancellations Up Slightly In U.S. In Q2
Automotive TV Spending Down 3.8% In July
'Barbie' Rockets To A Record $1.03B In Global Box Office In 17 Days
Canadians In The FAST Lane
Yelp Reports Record $322M In Q2 Ad Revenue
Web Users Battle Google Over Health Data
The Impact Of Xandr's Political Ad Ban: Mostly Symbolic
Pact Would Help Media Owners Manage Programmatic, Direct Sales
PayPal Launches Stablecoin Connected To U.S. Dollar
Humor Returns To Advertising Amid Longer-Term Decline
Court Allows Google To Seek Dismissal Of Some Gannett Antitrust Claims
Even Meta Studies About Divisiveness Divide
Dentsu Expands Partnership With Google Cloud
Brands Should Not Shy Away From 'Pride' Efforts
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