Email Marketing Daily Editions for January 2017
Email Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Jan. 31, 2017
Tech Community Turns To Email To Speak Out Against Immigration Ban
Facebook Ups Security to Prevent Email Hackers From Stealing Login Details
Can Your Emails Drive Traffic Every Day?
'NYT' To Launch 'Daily' Podcast With Michael Barbaro
CT Warns Companies About CEO Spam in Circulation
Small Business Tech Is Still Emails And Spreadsheets
Publishers Register Opposition, Concern Over Trump's Immigration Order
Czech Foreign Ministry Email System Hacked
Lego Launches 'Lego Life' Social Network For Kids
Burnett, Publicis Groupe, McDonald's Slapped With Infringement Suit
NY Attorney General Settles Acer Data Breach Suit
50% of Companies Faced Scrutiny After Data Breach in 2016: Cisco
Email Marketing Daily - Monday, Jan. 30, 2017
Retailers To Improve Email Personalization In 2017
Apple CEO's Email Reveals Support for Immigration
Email Reveals 76 Microsoft Employees Affected by Trump's Travel Ban
MailChimp Adds Facebook Ads to Its Email Marketing Platform
Qantas Warns Customers of Email Scam
64% of Americans Have Been Victims in Data Breach
Return Path Picks Up Another Email Intelligence Startup
Opposition Branding: At Least One Campaign Sees Some Lyft
Ireland's Education Minister Is First To Rule Out Private Email For Work
NetApp Accidentally Opens Up CC'd Customers To 'Spamaggedon'
Video Email Marketing Delivering 50% More Click-Throughs
Unsubscribers Are Telling You Where You're Going Wrong
'Is This The End?' -- Could GDPR Compliance Be This Simple?
Why Human-to-Human Contact Is Too Important To Pass
Email Marketing Daily - Friday, Jan. 27, 2017
Email Marketing Is Mobile -- Why Aren't Your Campaigns?
Consumer Identity Data Becomes Big Business
Trump is Using a Gmail Address for His Twitter Account
Gmail Will Soon Be Even More Secure
Indiana Pacers Boost Sponsorships With Dynamic Email Signatures
Signpost Personifies AI, Takes Identity Targeting To Facebook
Utah Moves Forward on Legislation that Gives Family Access to Email/Social Media After Death
Data Breaches Spiked in 2016
42% of Trump Voters Don't Care If He Uses Private Email Server
How Artificial Intelligence Could Boost Email Marketing
ICO Celebrates 'Data Protection Day' With GDPR Guidance
Great Year Ahead For Mobile-First Email Marketers
Broadcast Emails Are Fine As Long As You Have Exciting News
How To Do A Lot More With Your Out-Of-Office Response
Email Marketing Daily - Thursday, Jan. 26, 2017
Trump's Team Reportedly Using Private Email Server
Addressing The Impossible-to-Please, Entitled Consumer Through Email
Microsoft Ups Security for Office 365 Email Users
The Super Bowl Cometh. Help Your Brand Win By Ignoring It
Email Privacy Act Supporters To Focus On Importance Of Targeting Criminals When Reading Emails
Guide to Facebook Engagement in 2017
Can Too Much Email Increase Your Carbon Footprint?
MailButler Amps Up Apple's Email Client
MailChimp Expands Past Email, Launches Facebook Ads Feature
GoDaddy Launches GoCentral, Integrates With Email
ABC Pulls In Google For TGIT Lineup, Personalizes Cross-Channel Campaign
Email Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Jan. 25, 2017
Court Denies DOJ Appeal in Microsoft Overseas Privacy Case
Evergage Recommend Updates Provide Greater Personalization
Yahoo Mail Users Report Outage in UK
Citizens Are Creating Email Alerts for Trump Actions
Dovecot Email Server Wins Highest Security Rating
Federal Government Emails Gag Order to USDA
Sophos Rolls Out Phishing Security Test And Training Program
Extreme Reach Kicks Off Campaign To Stream TV Ads Cross-Platform
Ozy Media Raises $10 Million, Expands Staff, Video
Time To Get Prepared For GDPR, DMA Reminds
Get Sharper Emails By Embracing Retina Screens
Why Your Email Strategy Has To Be Mobile-First
Small Business Poised To Increase Investment In Email Marketing
GDPR Is A Gilded Opportunity To Innovate And Find New Global Customers -- Just Ask The DMA
Email Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2017
Return Path Feature Provides Deliverability Alerts In Real-Time
Microsoft Defends Constitutional Rights of Users in Email Privacy Case
Holiday Behavior Shows Research Requires Multiple Channels
SEC to Determine if Yahoo Data Hacks Were Disclosed Properly
Fashion Editor Fired Over Rude Email About Intern
84% of Marketers Use Email
Trump Responds to Emails With Handwritten Notes
Trump Orders USDA Employees To Stop Tweeting
What If Becomes The Trump Channel?
Email Marketing Daily - Monday, Jan. 23, 2017
Lavabit Email Encryption Makes a Comeback
You've Struggled With Effective Storytelling Because The Secret Is Rarely Told -- Until Now
Trump Fundraises for RNC in First Email as President
Self-Driving Cars: 23% Would Ride In One, 83% Concerned About Tech Glitches
Google And Yahoo Yet to Deliver End-to-End Email Encryption
Trump Team Suspends Official Twitter Feeds After Critical Tweets
NYT Retires One of Its Older Email Addresses
Walgreens Uses Personalization to Say Thank You
Google Largest Search, Display Ad Company On The Net, Per Analyst Estimate
Email Is In 'Good Health'
Data And Timing Will Power Email Success In 2017
Try Adding Some Personalisation To Your Automation
Storytelling Drives Engagement Because Customers Are Humans
Data Underpins Relevant Personalised Offers
Google Appoints New Channel Chief For Cloud Services
Email Marketing Daily - Friday, Jan. 20, 2017
Oracle, Eyeota Partner To Boost Global Engagement
University of Arizona Targeted in Spam Campaign
'The Guardian' Launches Email Newsletter, 'The Week In Patriarchy'
ProtonMail Email Encryption Now Accessible Via Tor
Google To Offer 'Mute' Button, Develops Cloud-Based Measurement System
Drexel University Students Targeted in Email Scam
Scam Email Cost Connecticut Town $2M
Tito's Vodka Sees 60% Open Rates From Welcome Emails
Campaign Research Finds Shoppers Are Fatigued By So Many January Offers
Get More From Your Email List By Segmenting Audiences
Personalisation Helps Brands Hit Their Email Goals, Research Suggests
Personalisation Cuts Both Ways -- Send From A Name, Not A Brand
DMA Report Shows Email Most Highly Rated By Marketers, Again
Email Is In 'Rude Health' But Needs Personalisation To Pick Up Click-Through Rates
The Audience Economy And Its Impact On Healthcare Media Strategies
Email Marketing Daily - Thursday, Jan. 19, 2017
'NYT' Report Emphasizes Need For Digital Content, Staff Diversity
Netflix Phishing Scam in Circulation
Center-Brain Marketing: Preparing For A Future Of Cognitive Technology
Google, Alphabet-Related Ads Rank Higher Than Advertisers' In Search
Many Retailers Miss the Mark on Email Metrics
Social Media Seen As Best To Boost Brand Awareness
Australian Government Affected by Yahoo Data Breach
Judge Orders to Homeland Security Officials to Hand Over Private Emails in Suit
Consumers Think Brands Are Responsible for Data Breaches
Email Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2017
Intelligence Bill Drops Controversial Email Access Provision
Consent Means Consent And Brexit Means Brexit -- A Big EU Day, But Little Changed
Adobe Expands Retail Capabilities, Partnerships
Spammers Link to Fake Gmail Login Pages
Turning 2017 Marketing Predictions Into Brand, Business Success
France's Utility Company Suggests Cutting Large Email Attachments to Save Energy
What Happened Politically In 2016?
Mississippi Plans to Sue Google Over Student Data
4 SEO Tips To Manage Seasonal URLs, Links, Content
IT Employee Fired for Holding Google Account Hostage, Demanding Ransom
Mobile Prodigies Are Ready For Anticipatory Inspiration
BrightWave, Bluecore Partner For Retail Marketing
Google Acquires Fabric From Twitter
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