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Friday, September 13, 2019
  • Phishing Artists Target Webmail Providers: Study

    Gift cards were demanded in numerous BEC attacks, along with bank transfers, the Anti-Phishing Working Group reports. Read the whole story

  • RKD Group Acquires And Rebrands Direct Point Group

    The Toronto-based direct-response agency will now be called RKD Direct Point, the company says. Read the whole story

  • Study: Some Ecommerce Product Categories With Less Info Need Paid Ads To Perform Well

    Depending on the product category, sponsored listings can improve consumer search effectiveness and increase conversion rates and marketplace profit, Columbia Business School research finds. Read the whole story

  • From Cannabis To Crypto: Growth-Marketing Framework For Frontier Industries

    From "Define your North Star metric" to "Don't sell, educate" -- tips on marketing for emerging sectors. Read the whole story